AMERIND Risk Debuts Tribal Auto Program

Susan Wicker, AMERIND Risk Board Member, Derek Valdo, CEO AMERIND Risk; Brianna Coriz, AMERIND Risk staff, cutting celebration cake to share with Members.

Published June 1, 2018

Commercial auto insurance strengthens AMERIND’s robust portfolio of insurance products

SAN DIEGO – On the tails of Wednesday’s news about adding cyber liability coverage to its product offerings, AMERIND Risk is excited to announce the launch of its Tribal Auto Program.

Effective July 1, 2018, AMERIND Risk is joining forces with longtime partner, Berkley Risk, to bring commercial automobile insurance to Indian Country.

“This new Tribal Auto Program will be an admitted, A-rated solution for your commercial automobile liability and physical damage coverages,” said Derek Valdo (Pueblo of Acoma), AMERIND Risk CEO.

Members of AMERIND’s Tribal Workers’ Compensation coverage will recognize the Berkley Risk name as AMERIND’s third-party claims administrator.

“By teaming up with Berkley Risk on the new Tribal Auto Program, AMERIND is able to leverage the significant capacity and resources of the WR Berkley Corporation to bring you a robust and competitive product. With the addition of the Tribal Auto Program, AMERIND now has a complete product offering that can handle all of your Tribe’s insurance needs,” Valdo added.

Celebrating at AMERIND Business meeting today on announcement of refunding millions in member reserves to AMERIND Risk Members and debut of Tribal Auto Program!

The AMERIND Risk Executive Team is excited to talk about commercial automobile insurance through its Tribal Auto Program during Friday afternoon’s session “Take Time to Meet AMERIND’s Executive Officers,” hosted on the final day of the 2018 AMERIND Risk | NAIHC Annual Convention & Trade Show, held May 30 – June 1, in San Diego, California.

Please contact Tina Duncan, our Business Development Manager, to receive a quote on your insurance coverages, or visit

About AMERIND Risk: Tribes Protecting Tribes. AMERIND Risk’s purpose is to create affordable and sustainable insurance products and services for Indian Country. AMERIND Risk was founded 32 years ago in response to the lack of services in rural Tribal communities. AMERIND Risk is the only 100% Tribally owned and operated insurance provider committed to Indian Country. AMERIND provides property, general liability, and workers’ compensation insurance for Tribes, Tribal governments, Tribal businesses, as well as individual property coverage and employee benefit. AMERIND has now added a solution for commercial automobile and cyber liability coverage to its robust product offerings. AMERIND Risk is also helping Tribes obtain state of the art broadband connectivity, through its AMERIND Critical Infrastructure (ACI) division. For more information, visit

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