American Indians Challenge the Washington R*dskins With #ChangetheName #WinAGame #Karma Twitterstorm

The pressure to have Washington NFL Team Change Its Racist Name Continues

The pressure to have Washington NFL Team Change Its Racist Name Continues

PORTLAND, OREGON—Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, a group of Native parents and their allies from across the country, are launching a #ChangetheName #WinAGame #Karma Twitterstorm on Sunday, December 7, 2014 calling upon Washington Football Team fans to demand their team drop its racially inflammatory name “Redskins” ruled to be an unTrademarkable slur in April of this year by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The team has faced protests by American Indians at nearly every game this season. At the November 2nd game in Minneapolis over 3,000 American Indians protested and again in San Francisco on Nov. 23rd some 400 American Indians protested. After losing to the Vikings, the team came out for its meet and greet to be met only by Native protestors and no fans.

Indeed, the Washington team lost every game during Native American Heritage month (November) and are facing a possible fifth consecutive loss in their game against the St. Louis Rams who are coming off of a 52-0 win. Tickets to the game at FedEx Field are selling for $3 a seat at Fans enthusiasm is disappearing. The Washington team began the season with an average ticket price of $102.

Anti washington NFL logoAmerican Indians urge fans to remove the offensive slur ‘R*dskins’ and its imagery from their Washington team apparel and share photos online with the hashtag #ChangetheName or

#WashingtonFootballTeam following the example of Cleveland Indians fans ‘#Dechiefed’ their apparel. We suggest fans wear t-shirts like those sold by Jon Wye that say simply, “Washington Football Team” until a new non-American Indian mascot is chosen.

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