American Indian-owned Rush Trucking Joins American Trucking Associations

Rush Trucking

Published November 2, 2015

ARLINGTON, VIRIGINIA – Rush Trucking, an American Indian-owned trucking company, has joined the American Trucking Associations.

Andra Rush (Mohawk) borrowed $5,000 from parents and used credit cards to start business

Andra Rush (Mohawk) borrowed $5,000 from parents and used credit cards to start business

Founded in 1984, Rush is owned by Chairman and CEO Andra Rush, who is Mohawk. Based in Wayne, Michigan, Rush started the company with a $5,000 loan from her parents and credit cards, growing it from one van and two pickup trucks to the 850-truck international fleet it is today.

“I’m proud to represent a new voice as the first minority-owned freight transportation company on ATA’s board,” said Greg Humes, president of Rush Trucking. “Nothing in this country arrives anywhere without a truck. I’m looking forward to supporting policies and programs that protect and sustain the trucking industry, which drives our economy, and help build a pipeline of talented drivers from diverse backgrounds.”

Rush Trucking is an industry leader for cost-effective truckload and milk run transportation solutions for local, over-the-road and just-in-time operations. Today, the company transports goods across the U.S. and Canada with 850 tractors, 1,450 trailers, and 800 employees and associates for Fortune 100 companies, including Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda and Toyota, and Tier 1 automotive suppliers.





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