Aiming To Revitalize Its Language And Culture, The Chickasaw Nation Enlists Rosetta Stone To Create New Language Program For Its Citizens

Groundbreaking Custom Solution Will Introduce More Than 60,000 Tribal Citizens to Their Native Language

Emily Dickerson’s portrait by artist Mike Larsen

Emily Dickerson’s portrait by artist Mike Larsen

Published November 8, 2015

ARLINGTON – The Chickasaw Nation, the 12th largest federally recognized Indian tribe in the United States and headquartered in Ada, Oklahoma, has enlisted Rosetta Stone Inc. (NYSE:RST) to create a new customized program that will revitalize the Chickasaw language. This new educational tool is being developed exclusively for The Chickasaw Nation and will feature custom content enabling its more than 60,000 global citizens to be introduced to their heritage language. A total of 80 lessons will be jointly created by language leader Rosetta Stone and leaders from The Nation over the next two years, with the first 40 to be delivered in the fall of 2016.

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The announcement was first made earlier this month by Bill Anoatubby, Governor of The Chickasaw Nation, during his “State of the Nation” address, a highlight of the tribe’s 55th Annual Meeting, held in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

“It is essential to revitalize our Chickasaw language and preserve it for future generations, because so much of our culture is bound up in the knowledge of our language,” said Gov. Anoatubby. “We believe a collaboration between our fluent speakers and Rosetta Stone will be a significant step toward ensuring our language is documented and accessible for future generations. This relationship with Rosetta Stone offers an excellent opportunity for meaningful growth in our language programs.”

Joshua Hinson, Director of The Chickasaw Nation Language Revitalization Program, noted that currently there are less than 50 native speakers of the Chickasaw language.

“Language preservation is a critical component of perpetuating The Chickasaw Nation’s heritage for generations to come, and we’re proud to work with them in creating this program,” said Judy Verses, Global President of Rosetta Stone’s Enterprise & Education Division.  “The Chickasaw Nation is helping to put a spotlight on the importance of educating its people and preserving its heritage, and we are excited to collaborate with them on what we see as a mission to reverse the tide of indigenous language extinction.”

Rosetta Stone Custom Solutions is a service that partners experts from Rosetta Stone with organizations and businesses around the world to help address language barriers and determine specific language-learning goals.  The team then designs and delivers a fully-customized program with personalized content, training, tutoring and evaluation tools developed to achieve its partner’s specific language objectives.


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