Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Declares Formal Support for the Clean Energy Jobs Bill

Published February 6, 2018

PORTLAND, OREGON  – The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) has issued a formal resolution endorsing the Clean Energy Jobs bill, joining a statewide coalition of over 1,000 businesses, organizations, farms, elected officials and faith leaders working to make Oregon a leader in the fight against climate change to promote a cleaner, more prosperous state. ATNI conventions are held annually to convene members for key discussions on policy, legislation, and the future of Indian Country in the Northwest.

“567 federally-recognized Tribes face immediate and significant impacts from climate change. We also recognize that a clean energy economy offers vast community, economic, public health and cultural benefits. We support Clean Energy Jobs because it is the most significant step Oregon can take to shepherd the transition to a clean energy economy, and because equity and a just transition are central to the policy,” said Don Sampson, ANTI Tribal Climate Change Project Director.

Clean Energy Jobs is a policy to cap and price climate pollution and reinvest proceeds into Oregon’s clean energy economy. The policy is a proven, flexible, efficient mechanism for reducing climate pollution at a low-cost.10 states already have successful cap-and-invest policies in place, and 25% of Americans live in places with cap and invest program. It is currently being considered for passage by the Oregon legislature in the upcoming session.

 ATNI also previously signed a declaration in support of We Are Still In, a national coalition of Tribal nations, states, municipalities, cities, counties, corporations, foundations, and organizations committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement. This most recent declaration in support of Clean Energy Jobs represents the latest example of how Tribal nations are mobilizing and partnering to take local climate action and keep the United States on track towards its targets under the Paris Agreement.
ATNI is a nonprofit organization representing 57 Northwest tribal governments from Oregon, Idaho, Washington, southeast Alaska, Northern California and Western Montana. ATNI is an organization whose foundation is composed of the people it is meant to serve – the Indian peoples. Through its conventions, forums, networks and alliances, it is the intent of ATNI to represent and advocate for the interests of its member Tribes to national Indian and non-Indian organizations and governments.

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