Oklahoma Man Jailed after He Called Casino and Threatened to “Kill All the Indians”

Rickey Cudney mug shot - provided by Blaine County Sheriff's Department

Rickey Cudney mug shot – provided by Blaine County Sheriff’s Department

Published December 17, 2015

WATONGA, OKLAHOMA — Rickey Cudney, an Oklahoma man is jailed at the Blaine County Jail charged with making a bomb threat by phone. Cudney allegedly called the Feather Warrior Casino last weekend and threatened to blow up the place. The casino is located in Watonga, Oklahoma and owned by the Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes.

According to court documents, Cudney said “he was going to come out to the casino and kill all the Indians.”

“He apparently was not happy about losing some money at the casino and ended up making a threat, making remarks about the Indians,” a tribal official told Native News Online on Thursday afternoon.

“He was wanting to talk with somebody at the casino and other employees would not let him get through to her. He was intoxicated and got really upset,” said Undersheriff Gary Clyden of Blaine County Sheriff’s Department told Native News Online.”He gets upset and yells, ‘I can get one stick of dynamite and I could kill all you Indians, “”

“We’ve know him forever, but when you take it to the level of threatening to blow up a place, we can not be too cautious these days,” Clyden continued.

The Blaine County Sheriff’s office was able to locate Cudney through his phone number that came into the casino phone system’s caller-id and also recognized his voice because he is so well-known to local law enforcement officers.

The arresting sheriff deputy took Cudney to a hospital so he could sober up before transporting him to jail.

Making a bomb threat by phone is a felony. Cudney remains in jail because he has not been able to post the $100,000 bond that was set by the court.


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