22nd Annual Storytelling and Indigenous Gathering Held at Indian Canyon


22nd Annual Indian Canyon run

Published July 18, 2018

INDIAN CANYON, Calif. — Dozens participated last Saturday, July 14, 2018, for the 22nd Annual Storytelling and Indigenous Gathering at Indian Canyon, near Hollister, California. The gathering began with a prayer run from San Juan Bautista Mission to Indian Canyon.


The event is organized and hosted by Ann-Marie Sayers (Ohlone) and Kanyon Sayer-Roods (Ohlone). Their passion is to allow indigenous people to share their rich stories passed down from one generation to the next generation. They feel the preservation of the ancestral stories help keep their culture alive today and for future generations.

Kanyon Sayer-Roods told Native News Online:

miSmin Tuuhis kan Eakat, Kanyon Coyote Woman Sayers-Roods: The prayer run is an amazing prayer run that transpires in the morning and it happens for four consecutive years where a prayer staff and community runners run away from Mission San Juan Bautista into Indian Canyon where it is a safe haven and continues to be a safe haven and always has been a safe haven for the indeginous peoples.”

“The missions held and restrained indigenous peoples of the territory and those who did not like the constraints fled. We run in prayer to honor those ancestors who fled the constraints of the mission. So we have runners running right now into Indian Canyon for 20 miles. It is beautiful and the prayer staff will be running its fourth year and there will be a ceremony when they come and enter the circle, then our storytelling occurs and a beautiful intertribal community gathering occurs where our local community and travelers are welcome to support our nonporofit organization coastanoan research, beautiful hearts & minds. My goal in my life is to honor truth and history. I do my best to honor my ancestors. My friends have said I am an ancestor in training. I will do my best for the next generations that more people will be more aware of Califoria history, we are still here and will always be here stewarding the land in a good way.”

Ann-Marie Sayers told Native News Online:

This is Ann-Marie Sayers speaking from Indian Canyon in Hollister, California. Today is our grand day of our 22nd California Indian Story Telling event. This is the best time for California Indian to be alive since contact because of the youth, they want truth in history, they are extraordinarily conscientious, they are much brighter with social media that they have today. Their communication is unbelievable.”

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