13 Injured in Horse-drawn Wagon Accident in Land Run Re-enactment Day Event in Oklahoma

Mustang SchoolMUSTANG, OKLAHOMA — Thirteen people, including ten students, two teachers and a horse carriage driver, were injured on Tuesday afternoon at Centennial Elementary School in Mustang, Oklahoma. The injuries occurred when a horse-drawn wagon overturned during a Land Run Re-enactment event.

In Oklahoma history, the land run, also known as land rush, “opened” what is now the state of Oklahoma to non-Native settlers.

Each April 22, students across Oklahoma “celebrate” in a variety of activities that are intended to teach students about how individuals in the state obtained land that belonged to several American Indian tribes. Students literally run across the school yards to “stake their claim” as they learn about how land was obtained in the late 1800s in Oklahoma. The most well-known land run took place beginning at noon on April 22, 1889.

Tuesday afternoon’s accident occurred while 13 people were riding in a horse-drawn wagon on Centennial Elementary school property.

Three people were taken to area hospitals with injuries that were not deemed life threatening and were listed in good condition. The others who were injured obtained medical attention at the scene.

The accident was the result of the neck yoke of the wagon breaking, which spooked the horses, according to Mustang authorities. Once the neck yoke broke, the wagon hit the back end of the horses. Then the horses began to run. The wagon overturned and several passengers in the wagon were thrown to the ground.

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