11 Injured, Suspect Dead, in Attack with Hammer at Bridge River Band Office

Xwisten (Bridge River Band) First Nation headquarters

Xwisten (Bridge River Band) First Nation headquarters

Published October 16, 2015

LILLOOET, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Eleven people were injured on Wednesday, October 14, 2015, in a violent attack at the Xwisten (Bridge River Band) office in Lillooet, British Columbia. The suspect, whose name has not yet been released, came into the office began attacking a staff member with a hammer around 8:30 a.m., shortly after office staff arrived for work.

Risking their own safety, others in the office worked to stop the violent attack. In the end, 11 people were injured by the suspect. Two, of whom are in critical condition, were airlifted to a hospital. Six of the injured were treated at a hospital and released. Others were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect died at the scene, shortly after at police arrived. He had already been “subdued and restrained,” according to reports. A formal investigation is underway into the cause of his death.

“Everyone’s still in shock,” said Xwisten (Bridge River Band) Chief Susan James in a statement released shortly after the attack.”We’re a large family here. These people have worked together for years.”

“Our attention now will be on the healing work we need to do. This tragedy has put our community into shock,” James continued. “As the police investigate, we will not comment on the details of the situation other than to say our prayers are with the families and the community.”

Lillooet is a town of about 2,300, located some 150 miles northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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