Registered Nurse - Disease Intervention Specialist

Position Description


In performance of their respective tasks and duties all employees of Bois Forte Band of Chippewa are expected to conform to the following:
  • Uphold all principles of confidentiality to the fullest extent.
  • Adhere to all professional and ethical behavior standards of the tribal government (may also be referred to as “Band”).
  • Interact in an honest, trustworthy, and respectful manner with employees, community, visitors, and vendors. 
  • Comply with Bois Forte Band of Chippewa policies and procedures.
  • Display respect and understanding of Bois Forte Band of Chippewa traditions and values.
A Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) is a registered nurse public health professional with applied expertise in client centered interviews; collection of enhanced surveillance and community assessment data; partner services to include contact tracing; field investigation and other field-based activities, including specimen collection, directly observed therapy, community outreach; collaboration with medical providers, and navigation of health care systems to ensure patient evaluation and treatment. Relevant program areas can include TB, HIV, STD/STI, and other communicable disease, outbreak investigation and emergency preparedness and response. The position requires some travel and the use of a personal vehicle. Must be insurable. Background and suitability apply.
  1. Collect and review client and community information using various investigation procedures including interviewing of clients and contacts; review of data sources; and review of other relevant morbidity reports.
  2. Assess and prioritize intervention activities based on client needs and program priorities.
  3. Maintain field supplies needed to accomplish field work.
  4. Utilize situational awareness to ensure safety in the field.
  5. Comply with other field safety procedures.
  6. Conduct investigations using various investigation methodologies (e.g., field investigations, available record search and electronic tools, electronic health and medical records, site assessments).
  7. Document intervention activities in a timely and accurate manner.
  8. Maintain confidentiality of client and protected health information. Maintains compliance with HIPAA requirements.
  9. Verify the client’s identity during client encounters or prior to disclosing confidential information to other providers.
  10. Notify and educate clients concerning test results, disease exposure, environmental risk, and other relevant health information (e.g., treatment, isolation, etc.).
  11. Conduct comprehensive interviews and re-interviews employing effective communication skills to elicit contacts that may have been exposed to an infectious disease. 
  12. Ensure and promote a confidential and comfortable environment for client communications. 
  13. Inform clients of the importance of seeking care and refer them to the appropriate community, medical, or other resources. 
  14. Gather information on an environmental risk history, risk reduction plan, third parties at risk, or venues where the client or others may have been exposed to diseases. 
  15. Identify client barriers to needed interventions when conducting partner/contact notification, and/or coordinate solutions to those barriers.
  16. Support surveillance activities by reviewing information from surveillance systems, management systems, and/or community surveillance information. 
  17. Conduct data entry of client interviews and investigation activities to identify emerging issues with client population.
  18. Collaborate with service providers to ensure entry into care and continuity of care based on individual client needs. 
  19. Provide health education presentation on information pertinent to the programs and services in which DIS work. 
  20. Serve as a local resource for public health information or recommendations to the community and providers.
  21. Conduct and contribute to provider and laboratory education, health department improvement activities, and other means to improve the quality of care.
  22. Verify that clients received testing, adequate treatment, and follow-up services as appropriate for their specific diagnosis. 
  23. Provide clinic testing and treatment follow-up services based on recommendations for their specific diagnosis, based on state/local protocols and CDC recommendations or guidelines. 
  24. Support public health efforts to assure patients maintain isolation and/or quarantine, including legal orders if required.
  25. Identify and respond appropriately to unsafe situations in the field. 
  26. Participate in event based and targeted testing, screening, or outreach. 
  27. Administer, and/or deliver testing, test results, and/or treatment to clients.
  28. Collect or transport patient specimens as appropriate. 
  29. Serve public health legal orders when issued by a state or local health officer as appropriate for the jurisdiction. 
  30. Provide or facilitate transportation to the clients’ clinic appointments, as appropriate.
  31. Review available case information and conduct case analysis to determine case priority level, disease staging classification, additional steps for intervention, and/or to determine if expansion of the investigation is warranted. 
  32. Determine disease intervention time frames, procedures, and objectives based on specific diagnosis.
  33. Recognize or address gaps in information elicited and conduct client interviews to collect necessary information. 
  34. Utilize data as a resource when conducting investigations.
  35. Participate in preparedness training. 
  36. Support health emergencies and outbreak response initiatives by participating in interventions and active data collection. 
  37. Coordinate with government agencies, community organizations, and health officials.
  38. Emergency response availability based on jurisdictional expectations may require occasional evening hours.
  39. As an employee of the Bois Forte Reservation, will follow the Bois Forte Procurement Policy and any other applicable procurement requirements when obtaining goods and/or services for the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa.
Two years of applicable community experience in counseling or health outreach. 
Registered Nurse with Associates degree, Bachelor’s degree or higher in Nursing from a credited college or university.
  • Registered Nurse with Associates degree, Bachelor’s degree or higher in Nursing from a credited college or university.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license, be insured under the Band’s RTC Automobile Policy, and be eligible to drive under any motor vehicle use policies applicable to the position. 
Mandatory Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Qualifications:
  • Ethical and professional conduct. 
  • Privacy practices and reporting procedures. 
  • Counseling techniques. 
  • Universal safety precautions and protocols. 
  • Modes of transmission, diagnosis, disease characteristics, treatments and prevention and control strategies. 
  • Community resources and stakeholders. 
  •  Health care program policies and procedures.
  • Clinic or laboratory policies and procedures. 
  • Applicable laboratory tests. 
  • Disease testing locations and protocol. 
  • Cultural competency. 
  • Applicable public health laws. 
  • Organization and functions of government and public health.
  • Ability to perform other duties as assigned.
  • Active listening. 
  • Critical thinking. 
  • Work efficiencies (e.g., multitasking, time management, prioritization, organization). 
  •  Problem solving.
  •  De-escalation of selected situations.
  •  Interviewing techniques. 
  • Using investigation/notification protocols. 
  • Motivating clients. 
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative professional relationships. 
  • Case management. 
  • Data collection and data entry. 
  • Using navigational tools. 
  • Conflict management and resolution. 
  • Using applicable disease intervention assessments. 
  • Using effective communication techniques and procedures. 
  • Interpretation of specific test technologies. 
  • Patient specimen collection, handling, and processing. 
  • Application of situational awareness. 
  • Using computers (desktop, laptop, iPad). 
  • Using of mobile devices (cell phones, apps).
  • Using computer software (spreadsheet software, word processing software, internet browsing software, and data base user interface/query software).
  •  Use of social media (subject to local protocol) and available record searching modalities for investigative purposes.
  • Adapt to unfamiliar and changing environments. 
  • Assess non-verbal communication. 
  • Prepare and maintain confidential records and reports. 
  • Conduct interviews of a highly personal nature. 
  • Problem solves in the field and in-house settings.
  • Work with diverse populations.
  • Two years of applicable community experience in counseling or health outreach. 
Mental demands: There are a number of deadlines associated with this position. The employee must be able to handle frequent interruptions and must also multi-task and interact with a wider variety of people on various and, at times, complicated issues.


The Bois Forte Band of Chippewa has implemented a Tribal and Indian Preference in Employment Policy. Pursuant to this Policy, applicants who possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by this position, and who are enrolled members of the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Tribe will be given primary preference in hiring and employment for this position. Members of other federally recognized Indian tribes will be given secondary preference for hiring and employment after providing proof of tribal membership. Tribal and Indian preference is integrated into the interview and scoring process for candidates for job positions. .


Confidentiality: All employees must uphold all principles of confidentiality to the fullest extent. This position may have access to sensitive information and a breach of these principles will be grounds for immediate termination.
Background Investigation: This position may be subject to a criminal history background check, a suitability background check and/or a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) check. In addition, some positions are subject to a 101-630 background check in an effort to ensure compliance with Public Law 101-630 “Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act.” Candidates must be able to successfully pass all required background checks to qualify for this position.
Drug Screening:

All applicants must successfully pass a pre-employment drug screening prior to beginning employment and will be subject to random drug testing.

Vaccine Requirement:

The Bois Forte RTC adopted the COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement (Resolution No. 61-2022) which provides that COVID-19 vaccination is required for all employees of the Bois Forte Tribal Government and Band-owned businesses.  That Requirement also applies to newly hired employees who must by their first date of employment either (1) present proof of receiving all COVID-19 vaccinations for which they are eligible under CDC guidance or (2) be approved for a medical or religious exemption from the Vaccine Requirement.  If the employee only presents proof of the first dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine by the first date of employment, the employee must further present proof of a second dose within 30 days of the date of the employee’s first dose and proof of a booster vaccination within one month of eligibility.  If the employee only presents proof of a single-dose COVID-19 vaccination or both doses of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccination by the first date of employment, the employee must further present proof of a booster vaccination within one month of eligibility.

PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG TESTING APPLIES. INDIAN PREFERENCE WILL APPLY.  UPON PRESENTATION OF DD-214 WHICH REFLECTS HONORABLE DISCHARGE, APPLICANTS WILL RECEIVE VETERAN’S PREFERENCE POINTS. Please visit our website at www.boisforte.com to download an application. Applications are accepted via: Fax, Email, U.S. Mail, and In Person. Submit applications to: Human Resources Specialist 5344 Lakeshore Drive, Nett Lake, MN 55772, Fax: 218-757-6781, [email protected]  Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted.
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