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A Native Perspective on the National Immigration Debate

Tweet Commentary Published August 2, 2017 #DACA, Jobs, #DREAMERS and Borders

The Most Egregious Thing President Trump Said Last Week

Tweet Commentary Published August 20, 2017 Even in terms of the

A Call for President Trump to Resign (2 of 2): The Destructive Role of Christendom

Tweet Commentary Published August 12, 2017 Part 2 of 2 Throughout

A Call for President Trump to Resign (1 of 2): Indiscriminate Attacks

Tweet Commentary Publsihed August 11, 2017 Part 1 of 2 The

The Unfortunate and Extremely High Cost of Bi-Partisanship in American Politics

Tweet Commentary Published July 30, 2017 Early Friday, in a stunning

Why Does the President of a Self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ Nation Choose to Oppress Transgender People?

Tweet Commentary Published July 27, 2017 On Wednesday morning President Trump

The Fleeting Beauty of Fireworks

Tweet Commentary Published July 5, 2017 Fireworks are cool, but they

A Native Perspective: 100 Days: Trump Still Stuck on the “Pocahontas” Complex

Tweet Guest Commentary  Published April 29, 2017 On Friday, in a

A Native Perspective on War, Terrorism and the MOAB Bomb

Tweet Commentary Published April 15, 2017 Friday morning the hosts of
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