American football is the most bet on sport in the United States, and is in the top five most popular sports for betting in the world. It is no surprise with just how popular the game is and how many options for betting there are in this sport alone. Hell, even just in the Super Bowl ether are so many betting options, and millions partake every year. 

How you bet on the NFL, whether you go for the money line, point spread or totals, is up to you, but betting online when you bet on the NFL is just better over all. 

Online betting is in fact the most popular form of gambling now in the US, perhaps even the world. Since it is so convenient and offers all the information you need, who can be surprised by this. 

But, let’s talk about why you should bet on the NFL online. 

Why betting online is just better. 

You could be wasting valuable time phoning sports books or traveling around to them to place your bets over papers and magazines like we have gone back 20 years in time. If you do this and win, you have to go round to the betting shops to collect your winnings, wasting gas in your car, or energy in your legs. You might make a good win, but how much of that will end up covering the fuel for you to get there in the first place. 

Betting on the internet offers you the ability to browse games, compare odds, place bets, and collect your profits, and all you need is a phone or tablet to do so. You could do all this while in the bath, on the can, or while sipping a beer sprawled out on the couch. 

You can have a sea of betting tools ready for you to use, and you can bet on today's game, next weeks, next months, and so on all at once. You could bet on multiple sports all at once, multiple games, whatever you want. 

Why is it easier? 

The main reason people turn to online betting in the stead of physically placing their bets is mainly down to ease. However, it may be easy, but it is easy in many ways. Let’s look. 


Let's say you go down to the betting shop to place your bet, you sit there and for three hours you watch the game on their mini TV in the betting shop and then collect your winnings or mourn your losses after. Great, but wouldn’t you rather watch the game and place your bets from the couch, beer in hand? Of course! The only time when watching the game and placing your bets from the couch isn’t as great is if you get to physically go and watch the game live in the stadium! 


Betting on football online is super safe. Sportsbooks online use military-grade encryption technology to keep your personal information safe. And any money bet is safely transmitted across accounts in the same way your bank does it. Online, you can bet not only your money, but you can bet that you and your money are safe too. 


Placing a bet online only takes a few tiny moments. You might end up making more wagers and more frequent bets as you get closer to the game, which gives you an advantage over other gamblers, as by then you may have a bit of a better understanding of how the game will likely unfold. If you are a fan of frequent and fast sports betting, online is the way to go. 


Of course, you will want to bet on the NFL and probably the Super Bowl too, but you can bet on many other sports online as well. It is all in one place, and you will be spoiled for choice. You could bet on the NFL, NBA, and a horse race all at once. If you fancy trying your hand at multiple betting styles, give multiple sports a go and see which one you fare bet with. 


There are multiple options to put great value bets, due to a large number of different sports bookies. You get better value, and it comes from healthy competition between bookmakers. Numerous sports betting methods have also come about due to improved software and betting analysis, which can significantly boost your rate of winning as well. Where is the downside? Because we don’t see one.