United Exchange is a secure trading platform and trading heaven for those who like to play safe. It is a brilliant platform from every point of view, and compliance is its major advantage that cannot be refuted. In this United Exchange review, I am going to tell you some details about this broker.

Servility is a very important factor that you should consider before making up your mind about a particular trading platform. If a platform is not servile, then you should look for another broker because you have plenty of other available options to choose from. Register yourself only when you are completely sure about compliance. Once you are sure about this, then you can look into other factors such as customer support and the trading tools before making the final choice.

But always keep in mind that trading does not necessarily mean any overnight monetary changes in your life. To make this happen, you will have to put in strong efforts just like you do in any other line of work. The most you can do for yourself is to make sure that the platform is safe enough to be trusted or not. Now let me tell you how United Exchange can make things easier for you.

Security Features

The first thing you need to know about any trading platform is that whether it has implemented the KYC and AML policies or not. A platform that follows these protocols creates an extra touch of safety for its clients. In simple words, a company that is selfish and only wants money would never give this extra layer. However, United Exchange has left no stone unturned in this regard as it allows its traders to register only when it makes sure that the traders completely comply with KYC requirements. For this purpose, traders have to enter their name, ID card number, and current address before they can sign up with the platform.

Coupled with the KYC policy, the firm also follows the strictest AML policy. This means that you will have to give the platform your banking details as well, which must be accurate, updated, and matches the information that you give at the time of registration.

Live Customer Support

At the United Exchange platform, you will receive all the help you need through various channels that are arranged by the broker for the sake of your convenience. From my point of view, customer support through various mediums should not be a bragging right for every company, but unluckily, it has become one in recent days. The majority of trading platforms don't provide traders the support they need at the required time. For instance, I have noticed a trend in which most platforms would just create an FAQ section on the platform and then consider that they have fulfilled their responsibility. 

When you sign up with United Exchange, you will be able to get help from different mediums, including the phone and through email as well. The customer support representatives will be there 24/7 to help you. To make things even better, the support team has a working WhatsApp account to help traders as soon as possible.

Funds Deposit Methods

Methods to deposit money in your trading account matter a lot. No trader can get peace of mind if his money is not safe. The risk even gets bigger if the deposit is high. However, when you are linked with United Exchange, you will have various safe methods to deposit funds. If you want to use a card or transfer money through the wire to wire transfer, you will be allowed. The information you will provide to the broker will be completely safe thanks to the encryption technology. Furthermore, the firm maintains segregated accounts to ensure additional and foolproof security of your investment.


United Exchange not only fulfills the requirements but even goes the extra mile to give its traders customer support through some unorthodox mediums. This is one rare kind of broker. That is why I am recommending you this broker.