Cryptocurrency is a worthy investment nowadays. It's gaining the attention of not only the professionals and investors but many teenagers are also participating in it. The world is striving to obtain the best way to invest in this newly established digital currency.

In 2017, prices of all Cryptocurrency soared higher. Many investors jumped in to speculate about their future. But before you jump in you need to know all about Cryptocurrency.

Just like the world and all its entities have grown digital, the fiat currency has also improved. In the past, there was only fiat currency that was used to make transactions for all purposes. But now, a digital currency has also emerged and is getting successful day-by-day. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset or currency that is designed on the basis of cryptography and mathematics. It works as a medium of exchange that relies on blockchain technology. It is a decentralized and network based currency. You can check the digital yuan The most initial and oldest Cryptocurreny developed is Bitcoin. In 2021, beside Bitcoins there are 1,000 other types of cryptocurrency available in the market as well. Out of them, two dozen are the most popular and active one. 

How to get Cryptocurrency? 

Some people jumped into crypto because of the "Mining" craze. The miners modify their computers to solve all the transaction complications. For their efforts, the miners are rewarded with Cryptocurrency tokens and coins. But to get started with it, you need to make a whole equipment and tool setup that is quite expensive. Pooling resources are also being developed to invest in equipment and resources that are necessary to capitalize. 

You can also get Cryptocurrency by seeking services and products online. In return, you can ask them to pay you in cryptocurrency. There is also the option of speculative investment available as well. This is the reason why the prices of popular currencies have become increasingly volatile. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of cryptocurrency

To list the overall characteristics of Cryptocurrencies, it is vital to look at the list of advantages and disadvantages of it: 


  • The Cryptocurrency is decentralized and don't come under the authorization of any bank or authority. 
  • It is quite accessible to use. You can buy and sell Cryptocurrency if you have a strong internet connection and account on any Cryptocurrency exchange. 
  • Cryptocurrency trading occurs 24/7 all around the globe. 
  • It is an easy method to make transactions in just a few seconds to other Digital wallets. The transaction fee is quite low or zero sometimes as compared to all banks and credit cards dues. 
  • The cryptocurrency platforms that run on blockchains technology are secure and safe. 
  • You're more authorized on your Digital wallet versus on the bank. 


  • If you forget or lose the access to your digital wallet, it can cause major issues. 
  • There are more chances of cybercrimes online on cryptocurrency platforms.
  • The acceptance of cryptocurrency is not set up for some vendors as they are not educated and aware of its potential benefits. 
  • The price volatility of cryptocurrency is intimidating and threatens widespread acceptance. 

How can you avoid Cryptocurrency scams?

The online world is more exposed to hackers and scammers. Cryptocurrency is exposed to risks of being hacked and stolen. By some simple steps you can be protected from such circumstances: 

  • There are tons of imposter websites online for buying Cryptocurrency. But always choose the right website even if the other website looks identical to the original one. Always choose the trustable platform.
  • Avoid the mobile app because it is the most common scammer. For Android users, it is a great risk, every investor should avoid it. 
  • Even if any celebrity and executive is promoting some Cryptocurrency exchange online, don't trust them. Because they are not working for your benefit and you should be better aware of how to take accurate steps. Research before making any investment at your own
  • Email is the most authentic method of promotion of campaigns but some scammers are also getting in on it. You need to verify before trusting or investing in any company. 

The bottom line:

Cryptocurrency has always been a good investment and is the future of our financial industry. It is impactful in our lives. The ways of transactions are also becoming innovative that is quite beneficial. There are various plans on board that are going to benefit us but you need to be more acknowledged and aware of all the facts and fear of the cryptocurrency industry. Don't believe in any email, social media campaigns, and mobile apps because these are becoming more exposed to scammers online!