If you want to buy and invest in bitcoin, the very first thing that you have to do is select a bitcoin wallet. The bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet that provides safety and security to your bitcoins. You can hold your bitcoins for as long as you want in this bitcoin wallet without any worries because they are entirely safe. But the thing is that all the bitcoin wallets have different features and functions. You can revolutionize the way of crypto trading by knowing the critical reasons for the growing bitcoin popularity.

The pros and cons of one bitcoin wallet are different from the other. It is why you need to do enough research if you want to store your bitcoin in the best bitcoin wallet. All the Bitcoin users have different needs and requirements, so when you know about the features of this bitcoin wallet, you can select one which suits you the best. In this article, you will know about the features of top bitcoin wallets. If you want to know about them, you should look at the points listed below.

Hot wallets

Hot wallets are the digital bitcoin wallet that makes use of the internet for functioning. These wallets are also known as online wallets. The all-time internet connectivity of these bitcoin wallets makes them less secure if compared to cold wallets. However, hot wallets are accessible and convenient to use. You can use these wallets without any hassle because they are user-friendly. But they are very vulnerable to frauds and hacks. Listed below are some of the best kinds of hot bitcoin wallets:

  • Web wallet

The web wallet is the one that you have to access through the browser. There are various websites available on the internet which provide web wallets to their users. However, you need to know that the web wallets are always online, which means they are not very secure. These wallets are more prone to cyber-attacks because of their 24 x 7 internet exposure. But the best thing about this wallet is that these are the fastest way for completing the transactions. 

  • Mobile wallet

The mobile wallet is the wallet that is an application. You need to download this application on your device and install it. If you choose to use the mobile bitcoin wallet, you will manage your bitcoin through your smartphones. It is the best way of carrying out daily activities with utmost comfort and convenience. It would be best to protect the mobile bitcoin wallet from the potential risks of hacks and frauds. One of the impressive features of a mobile bitcoin wallet is that it allows you to make a payment just by scanning the QR code.

Cold wallets

Cold wallets, on the other hand, are the opposite of hot wallets. These wallets secure your bitcoin in offline mode, and they provide the best class security to your funds. Once you secure your bitcoin in the cold wallet, then you will not have to worry about anything. These are the safest options than the other bitcoin wallets because of their offline nature. There are several kinds of cold bitcoin wallets from which some make use of internet connection while others don't. The users should always choose a bitcoin wallet that suits their needs and requirements. Some best types of cold bitcoin wallets are:

  • Hardware wallet

You will be glad to know that the hardware wallet is a bitcoin wallet with a physical structure. It is the only bitcoin wallet that exists physically, and it appears like a USB device. This device has a LED screen on it which allows the users to get information about their bitcoins. It is the cold bitcoin wallet which means the level of security that it offers is unbeatable.  The fantastic thing is that no hacker has got success in hacking the hardware bitcoin wallet. If you are buying this wallet, then you will never have to worry about bitcoin again.

  • Paper wallet

The paper wallet is the cold storage bitcoin wallet. You can see the wallet address, which gets printed on this paper wallet. These wallets are highly secure and not prone to hacks. However, the number of flaws that this wallet has makes it a risky wallet to use. One of the major cons of using this wallet is that you cannot send the partial funds of bitcoins. Therefore, there is some risk that you might lose this paper bitcoin wallet or someone steals it. But if you want to use this wallet for temporary purposes, this wallet is good to use.