Unlike most retail, online furniture stores are really just starting to gain traction. People in the past have been wary of making large purchases online, particularly due to exorbitant shipping costs. But the society of today is almost entirely digital, with almost 90 percent of all purchases starting online, even if they end in your local retail store. 

As such, shipping fees and prices have both come down, and making large purchases online is becoming commonplace. One of those large purchases is furniture, or specifically dining sets. Here are some of the best reasons for buying your next dining set online. Or, if you are ready to start browsing go deal now.

Larger selection

There are many furniture brands out there, and most furniture stores only deal with a few. This is why each furniture showroom you see has different brands. The different furniture stores have contracts with particular brands, and they are unable to show furniture from certain manufacturers as a part of their contract. This severely limits your selection when shopping for dining sets in person.


On the other hand, online furniture stores have much bigger operations, including bigger warehouses, and as such, they can house many more brands than the average brick and mortar furniture store. Online stores will have dining sets for every occasion, taste, and style. You can find numerous options by narrowing your search to dining sets with benches, dining sets with servers, or sets with a particular number of seats.


You’ll also be able to choose from a wide variety of materials, from wood dining tables and wood frame chairs to pedestal tables with a glass top and minimalist dining chairs for a modern look. You can choose metal tables, countertop height or short, tables perfect for card games, and more.

Accompanying decor and lighting

The best part of shopping for your new dining room online is that you can get all of the decors from the same place. Most online furniture stores also offer decor accessories such as wall art, area rugs, and different lighting options. Being able to see the picture of your desired dining set and the decor at the same site makes it easier to compare and design the perfect dining room.

Lower prices

Online furniture stores often have lower prices than your local brick-and-mortar furniture retailer. When you shop locally you are at the whim of furniture stores to hold sale events, which usually happen on specific retail holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Black Friday weekends. Because larger furniture stores have more warehouse space, they are able to offer clearance items year-round. They also save by buying collections in bulk from popular brands and passing on the savings to their customers with everyday low prices.

Free delivery

When you order furniture from your local store you will almost always pay for delivery. Depending on the size of the dining set, you could expect to pay as much as $300 for delivery and placement in your home. Plus, you’ll have to wait for the furniture to be sent to the dealer, who then assembles it before bringing it to your home. That doesn’t just make the delivery costs higher, it also means that it takes longer to get your dining set into your home.


Online furniture stores will usually ship dining sets directly to your door, cutting out the middleman and speeding up the process of redecorating your dining room. It’s also pretty easy to qualify for free delivery on most furniture sites when you are buying a larger set or more than one room of furniture at one time.