Customer service is the assistance provided by a company to its customer whenever they encounter an issue or query. We all have contacted customer service at least once in our life. The quality of service provided by any company or business depends on how good their customer service is and how much importance they pay to the problems of their customers. 

Customer service tries to make it simpler for their customers to reach them. Almost all providers and companies have their customer service numbers mentioned on their websites. For instance, if you moved to a new area and you want to know if AT&T is providing their internet service in that area you can simply go to their website and call the AT&T customer service number that is mentioned there to reach out to someone from the customer support.

Although the sole purpose of customer service is to provide help in whatever matter related to the service there still are many things you need to consider at your end too before contacting any customer support service:

Do I need help?

Before getting in touch with the customer service, ask yourself if you really need help with this thing or it’s just a minor inconvenience you can solve on your own too. This will not only save your time but also the time of service providers as they have to deal with a lot of other things too.

 Try to Google your specific issue to see if they have an easy solution for you. Sometimes it might be a glitch or connectivity error that gets resolved on its own so take your time and make a wise decision on if you need help from customer support or not.

Preference text over calling

It is always better to choose the text option over the call. Check on the website if the company provides you with the option of live chat or just leaving a message. But a phone call to customer service will take a lot of time as first you’ll be attended by the recorded computer operator that will later keep you on hold for a longer time to switch your call to a human operator.

You also don’t need to hold a phone to your ear or face any audio distortions with text chat and it will also give you enough time to assemble your thoughts and write them out clearly.

What is the best time to call?

Usually, all the companies claim that they provide customer service 24/7 but there are peak hours when it’s difficult to reach them right away. Try calling early in the morning as wait hours are shorter before noon. Avoid calling during the time duration of 4 pm to 7 pm as those hours are considered peak rush hours.

 Also, Mondays are the worst days to call customer support services as the workload is supposed to be at its peak on Mondays so you might get stuck in waiting for a long time if you call on Mondays. Thursdays and Wednesdays are the best weekdays to call customer service as they have shorter average wait times

Be precise with your complaints

Try to value your time as well as the service provider’s time as nobody can listen to you for hours about what issues you are facing. Come prepared, make a list of all the things you think should be discussed, and address your problems to customer service quickly.

Be polite and respectful

No matter how much inconvenience you have faced and for how long your call has been kept on hold, try to be polite and respectful to the agent. Remember that whatever the issue you are facing is coming from the company and service, customer service agents are just there to help you with that and are not responsible for causing those problems.

Explain your problems clearly and try to get their sympathies on your side. If you could just greet them and ask them how they are doing, it will make their day so much better and they will try helping you out in every possible way. Small gestures could do a lot so always try to be humble and polite with the customer service agents. 

Approach through social media

If your calls have been kept on hold for too long and your chats aren’t answered by the customer service, try using social media to approach the service. Use Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform to complain publicly. This will move the process swiftly and they will look into your matter in less time.

Another reason for companies to respond quickly to the complaints filed through social media is to maintain the reputation and image of the brand or service. But make sure you are not rude or aggressive while listing down your complaints publicly.

Provide feedback

Always appreciate after getting help and leave positive reviews. You can also mention the poor service if your issues aren’t resolved. Either way, feedback from the customer is really valuable for any customer support service. Try highlighting the positive aspects and good service s it encourages companies to do better.

Wrapping it up

Customer support service is all about providing help but as a good customer, you also have some duties to take care of. Considering the above-mentioned steps will not only save you a lot of time and effort but also the customer service agents’ time too.  So consider these things before contacting the customer support of any company and we assure you that you will get a satisfactory response.