As simulator games grow in popularity, what is it that keeps us craving more. And will technology take them to new levels in the not-to-distant future?


  1. Simulators; Because Real Life is just Plain Boring

Since the birth of gaming, simulation games have been the epitome of living a life outside your normal. It’s that feeling of leaving your own, less glamorous life behind and entering an entirely new existence, filled with excitement and danger. And who could blame people for wanting to experience a little more excitement and fun in a world that can sometimes feel a little more “groundhog dog”?

And as we progress closer and closer to 2030, just how much will simulator games play a part of our lives is anyone's guess. But with the trend in their popularity already reaching epic heights, it’s glaringly obvious that technology is going to make our gaming lives a whole lot more fun in the future. 

And in Canada, along with the fun associated when you try a new casino online, there will be plenty of opportunities for gamers to pass the time leading a life that’s just a little more out-of-the-ordinary.

  1. What is it about simulator games?

Back in the 90s, SimCity allowed us to build our own city, complete with working power grids, football stadiums and parks to keep our citizens happy. And if they weren’t enjoying their lives in a thriving metropolis, well they would start a riot and try to burn it to the ground. Around the same time, flight simulators started gaining popularity where one could literally pilot a commercial airliner, if your PC’s software could keep up that way.

But this trend never faded and instead evolved dramatically where now you have the option to control human beings in the Sim’s franchise, build a farm in Hay Day or even perform intense surgeries if you’re that way inclined. So why the popularity? It’s that God-like feeling of control that lives in all of us, embedded in our DNA that makes us crave the feeling of controlling something powerful that would normally be too far from our fingertips in our normal day lives. 

It’s not a bad thing, far from it. And it’s completely natural when you think of it, but it is a little funny when you think about just how many hours we invest in a simple game that has us living a life completely separate from our own.

  1. Are simulator games healthy?

Yes, there’s been a little hype recently about the effects that living a life far outside your own can affect your day-to-day life, but is there really any truth in this? From when we are kids, we are immediately using our imaginations to invent far-off worlds where we place ourselves in alternate universes for our pleasure. No one batted an eyelid, in fact it’s encouraged, so is this really any different?

Perhaps our lack of creative flair as we get older is the only reason we find solace in seeking out these games to help us leave our daily lives behind. We wouldn’t need them at all if we could just keep that magical ability of imagination we had as youngsters, but we don’t.

So really, simulators are just a way to help us relax, remove ourselves from the stresses of our day-to-day lives and perhaps regain a little creative magic from our youths? And how can that be at all bad?


  1. What the future of Simulators holds?

We’ve long been waiting for Virtual Reality to really hit the mainstream, and although it is available to those with too much coin, us mere mortals should be in the running by 2025. The technology is certainly there but at a cost out of reach for the vast majority market. But when these creases are ironed out, VR will see a whole new simulator world for us all.

Imagine actually sitting in the cockpit of that plane, full 360 degree vision and a plethora of controls and dials, literally at our fingertips. And if you were one of the sadistic few that enjoyed watching your Sim flail in the pool when you removed the ladder, well you just may get to really see how it feels from the inside-the-pool point of view.

Combining VR, simulators and just a hint of creative genius will see us really living a life that couldn’t be further from our normality, and we can’t wait. Herd the sheep rather than just sheer them occasionally, crash the 16-tonne truck and have that artery spurting if you make the wrong cut; now that’s the simulators we are really craving, isn’t it?