As a student, it is important to be aware of some common mistakes that are made when writing essays. While you may want to churn out your papers quickly, you should be aware of these mistakes and avoid them. By doing so you can ensure you will get better grades and will produce a high quality paper. We discuss some common issues that are made while writing and address how to correct and avoid them so you can enjoy more academic success.

Lacking a Thesis

A thesis is not a hard thing to add to an essay, but it is an important element. It will be the anchor of the paper and is simply a short sentence or statement that will summarize your main point. When writing, this should be placed at the end of an introductory paragraph. Keep in mind that a thesis is not the same as a topic. A thesis statement will not be a fact, but will be the argument you are making within the paper.


Many students make the mistake of being repetitive during an essay and there are two types of repetition. The first one covers arguments and ideas while the second pertains to words. When ideas are repeated, it can indicate you do not have enough knowledge of the topic. The soliton is to come up with additional ideas. As for repeated words, make use of an online thesaurus or dictionary. Use synonyms that convey your message clearly and avoid using the same phrases. If you have trouble with repetition, you may want to use the help of an essay writing service. Professional writers can assist with writing an essay so that there are no cases of repetition.

Poor Structure or Lack of Transitional Phrases

The structure of a paper will improve your chances of getting a better grade. Lack of organization and transitional phrases are common mistakes made by students. To avoid this, be sure you analyze the topic, perform research come up with ideas, create an outline, and start generating body paragraphs. Each paragraph should be related to a specific topic. Transitional phrases will help move your paper from one idea to another.

Spelling Errors

With hundreds of grammar checkers online and services to edit papers, one would think that spelling errors would not be an issue. However, many of these tools are not designed to correct grammar. While they can be useful for major spelling errors, the best thing to do is proofread the paper yourself and check for mistakes. Do not simply rely on software to correct all mistakes.


These mistakes are easy to make and are often overlooked. To make sure you write the best paper and are getting your ideas and points across, try to avoid these common errors. Using online tools can be useful, but it all comes down to proofing a paper and making sure you are using correct structure, grammar, and have thoroughly researched your topic.