President of USA Joe Biden has officially recognized Indigenous People’s Day by proclaiming in the first week about declaring October 11 as the day to honor the Native Americans.

President of USA Joe Biden has officially recognized Indigenous People’s Day by proclaiming in the first week about declaring October 11 as the day to honor the Native Americans. It is the first time any US President has proclaimed and officially recognized the contribution of Native Americans to the country. The Indigenous Day will be celebrated as the contribution and resilience the indigenous Americans have made towards America. Although the natives faced genocide, assimilation, and discrimination, they still contributed to the upliftment of American society.

Background Of Columbus Day

Columbus Day is celebrated as the national holiday in many countries of the American continent. Moreover, it is celebrated as the Federal Holiday in the USA. The arrival of Columbus on the shores of America was celebrated until now on October 12. But, this was seen as oppression lately of the Native Americans. So, the official statement was released to declare October 11 as the date for Indigenous day.

The Native Americans are now looking forward to opportunities in the field of education and versatile jobs. They have contributed a lot towards shaping America and have a more significant role in preserving its flora and fauna. However, in recent times, the indigenous people are coming out of remote locations, participating in distinct activities, and being recruited to government positions. 

They are now exploring other industries and avenues that can help them restore their community’s identity. Native Americans are known for their cultural influence, sportsman spirit, and rich values. You can see them playing sports and entertaining themselves by playing bingo games and other gambling games. Even one can try online Roulette at NetBet for fun or real money. These online casinos are regulated and licensed and accepted by US Gambling Authorities for offering the gameplay.

This in-depth insight into the culture of Native Americans shows how they have preserved the very essence of the nature and inhabitants of this country. The 19-year-old Arizonian Native American Dylan Baca was overwhelmed by the President of America’s action and how swiftly the move was taken. She says, “I cannot tell what it means to a lot of us. This is one of the great things that President Biden has done. It will mean a lot to every indigenous person.”

No More Colonial Takeover Mindset

With the mark of Indigenous Day and putting an end to Columbus Day, Native Americans feel quite light and elated as they will be recognized as America’s first inhabitants. It will urge the country to rethink the American history represented and read through generations. The official announcement of Indigenous Day will help the Native Americans to gain momentum and let the cities and states know about their rich culture.

The schools and universities have welcomed the passing of this new resolution, and they are all set to commemorate this new chapter in the history of Indigenous people. Even the District of Columbia has also followed this new commemoration, and they will be replacing it with Columbus Day. So, this is the new era for the Indigenous people and the end to the long colonization being upheld. 

This new resolution will also help the Americans acknowledge Indigenous people’s rich culture, whether Cherokee tribe, people from Arizona, and much more. American history will be no more glorifying the colonizing and European explorers. Instead, they will recognize the contribution of the Native Americans towards protecting American land. Modern Americans will understand the contribution of Natives to America and hold them high for their accomplishments.