The technical aspects of the public ledger are still maturing but expanding at a skyrocketing speed. Public ledgers with digital phenomena are usually known as the Blockchain. You might have heard the term blockchain alongside bitcoin as they usually arrive together. 

Blockchain was rose to prominence for the magnificent part they serve in the digital currency industry. Visit the pros and cons of bitcoin volatility to know how digital currency trading operates. At first, it came alongside BTC to retain security and decentralized transaction history.

 Blockchain ensures a record of only approved transactions and utter sanctuary of the record present on it. Blockchain technology companies comprise firms offering services regarding financial services.

 With Blockchain being the hottest technology of this year, Blockchain is a ledger and a Launchpad for many decentralized projects and applications. But unfortunately, developers and clever contract records usually get confused while choosing a blockchain. So, here listed are some famous and biggest blockchain companies of all time.

Coinbase Global!

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts might have heard Coinbase term as it is very famous in this marketplace. Usually, Coinbase is the parental company of many cryptocurrency-related projects like Coinbase exchange, Coinbase learns and Coinbase global. 

Coinbase global operates on an international basis serving purposes like the crypto economy. This Coinbase global company offers firms with a heavy puddle of extreme liquidity to exchange cryptocurrencies. 

As discussed, Blockchain correspondingly serves the purpose of a Launchpad. With the help of Coinbase global, one can develop cryptocurrency-related decentralized applications. Coinbase was operating as an exchange for a long time, but its blockchain subsidiary came into live-action last year. 

The combined income of this company is nearly $3.0 billion. Moreover, the market cap of Coinbase Global Inc. is $54.2 billion; in short, merely in a year, the blockchain model has acquired magnificent prominence. 

Monex Group!

You might have heard the term Monero regarding privacy-focused digital currencies, and most people confuse Monex Blockchain with Monero digital coin. However, the total revenue of this company is nearly a billion dollars.

 Monex emerged from Japan, and the country usually operates in a few countries. Monex usually compromise services in cryptocurrency assets, exchange and global level forex. The total market cap of Monex Group is $1.7 billion. The exchange of this Blockchain is OTC market, and this company's combined income is $219 Million. 


Ethereum came into the cryptocurrency marketplace as a typical blockchain model. Still, later the native token of this model also came into live-action, and it became a top-rated digital coin of all time.

 Ethereum's dominance as a blockchain model in this market is undefeatable. Still, if the gas fees of this company continue to extend at this pace, other models like Cardano might outplace it in the upcoming years.  

HIVE Blockchain Technologies!

Like the United States and China, Canada is the hotspot of cryptocurrencies. The HIVE blockchain has a full-proof sustainable energy plant. The HIVE blockchain technology is usually masters in the bitcoin mining process, and it makes the best use of geothermal energy in Iceland. The total revenue of this blockchain company is $195 million.

 The net worth of this blockchain company is $104 million. As per the market cap, HIVE is one of the leading blockchain companies of all time. The exchange utilized by HIVE blockchain technologies is NASDAQ. 

Silver gate Capital!

The total revenue of silver gate capital is $148.9 million. The combined income of silver gate capital is $66.3 million. Silvergate is not merely a blockchain company as it has many subsidiaries. For example, Silvergate bank is one of the subsidiaries of this company. The cryptocurrency exchange that Silvergate Capital usually use is the New York Stock exchange. 

Riot Blockchain!

Riot Blockchain's total revenue is nearly $127 million, and its net income is $15 million. The exact market cap of Riot blockchain is nearly $2.7 billion—the exchange utilized by riot blockchain Inc. NASDAQ. Riot Blockchain has mastered the bitcoin mining business. Riot blockchain mining business usually comprises proper facilities in the upcoming mining hotspots like Texas. Texas might become another china in mining as Chinese miners had no other option rather than moving to Texas and Kazakhstan after the mining ban.

The portion mentioned above describes some of the popular blockchain companies of all time.