There are certain protected actions that you could take at work that an employer can’t really do anything about. For example, if you see unsafe working conditions then you are allowed to speak up about it. Or, if you feel that you have been discriminated against you are free to file a claim. 

The problem is that some employers will retaliate against those employees that speak up about things. It’s wrong and it’s illegal but it does happen. There are law firms like HKM employment attorneys in Kansas that will help you if you have been retaliated against. In this article, we will go over the signs so you know if your boss is retaliating against you for something that you’ve done. 

1 - Excessive negative performance reviews

People rarely go from model employees to suddenly somebody who routinely gets negative performance reviews. If you had a clean work record and often got good performance reviews but then suddenly are now getting poor performance ratings then it is a sign.

Hopefully, you documented when you had reported an issue or done something that your boss didn’t like so you have a date that can corroborate the sudden increase in negative performance reviews. This would show a direct line from the incident to retaliation. 

If there is one negative performance review or negative incident then it may not be cause for concern. However, if there are other signs as well or the reviews are coming back consistently negative then you probably have a case to take to a lawyer. 

2 - Denied opportunities

Promotions are a tricky thing since many feel they deserve and feel slighted when they don’t get one. It’s not always a case of retaliation in other words. When it does cross the line is when a promotion had been promised or at least talked about and then you were passed over when the time came after you had spoken up about things. 

It’s all in the timing and also who it was that got the promotion ahead of you. 

What is also more evident is when there were many work opportunities that were given to you before such as extra time off or access to free education and then they were suddenly no longer available. 

3 - Reduced hours

When you are an hourly employee it is very easy to retaliate against you for something that displeases the boss since they can simply reduce your hours to punish you financially. 

If other employees are all working the same hours and there haven’t been any signals that hours need to be reduced to help the company save money or that business is slow then this is considered a sign.

4 - Burdensome shift changes

Many people rely on a regular schedule so they can plan their lives. Those with children are especially vulnerable to changes in shifts as they have to be able to pick them up and drop them off at school and be home when they are home. It is a very cruel form of retaliation to then require somebody to work odd hours that disrupts their lives as well as their family’s.