Are you a content creator on Youtube? Do you make music? Maybe you're a fitness coach? Youtube promotion services ensure that your videos reach thousands of your target audience. You can grow your brand or present your talent to the world with organic likes and subscribers.

There are multiple video promotion services out there, but only a few will get the job done. Therefore, Halvorson Media Group has released a report about the "Best Youtube Promotion Services." The list of the video promotion services includes:

    1. Prodvigate - Best for ease of use and fast results.
    2. Viboom - Best for Price Ratio.
    3. Fiverr.- Not the best, but affordable.

Evaluation Parameters

Efficiency of Service

What good is a service if it doesn't deliver what is promised? The services we reviewed in our report generate organic viewers through reliable means.


Essential features like live stats, previous stats, and viewer analytics are vital. They are proof of the promotion service's effectiveness. Let's take a closer look at the best youtube promotion website.

Top Websites for YouTube promotion

Prodvigate - Best for ease of use and fast results

Prodvigate provides one of the best and legit Youtube promotion packages. The company is affiliated with Google Partners Acceleration Program.

Audience Selection & Targeting

With Prodvigate, you can select your target audience; this again divides into various subsections. You can choose your preferred audience from a particular region like Asia or a country like Belgium. Also, broaden the criteria by adding your targets - age group, gender group, and language speakers.

Based on your budget, you can architect a suitable campaign for your video content. Prodvigate utilizes Youtube ads, promoting your content to generate genuine subscribers and views.

How Does Prodvigate Work?

As mentioned earlier, Prodvigate is a google ads partner. Your videos submitted for promotion will undergo the standard Google review process. This can be an automatic review process, or Prodvigate will push for a manual review.

After review, the promotion is set to run for a week. Prodvigate's algorithm will learn your requirements and run promotions on Youtube's recommended section. Accordingly, your promotions will also appear alongside similar content. Your target audience usually searches for such content.

Stats & Analysis

You can access several active and past statistics on Prodvigate's dashboard. Some of the popular stats include the most active geographical regions, age groups, and gender groups.

You can also gain insight into how many potential viewers your Youtube promotion packages has reached. Prodvigate's machine learning feature cuts out low-quality views. At the same time, it bags organic views, likes & subscribers.

User Reviews

    1. Trustpilot - Gregory, a verified user and fitness coach, credits his channel growth to Prodvigate. He finds new users watching his live videos daily.
    2. Reddit - Prodvigate has excellent customer support and generous plans.

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Viboom -  Best for Price Ratio

Viboom is the best Youtube promotion service for novice and aspiring Youtubers. You can take your subscriber count from 100 to 1000 through their hassle-free services.

Audience Selection & Targeting

Run campaigns via Viboom by selecting a video for promotion. You can set your desired number of views on the campaign page.

Through the platform's unique features, you can set a target audience for your video. Select from various countries and language speaking audience. Your audience can be from Europe, Asia or Latin America. On the other hand, select from English-speakers, Russian-speakers, or Spanish-speakers.

How Does Viboom Work?

Viboom features your video in the recommended section of Youtube. It appears on pages and in sections when your audience searches for similar content. Your video will also be featured on partner websites and popular media websites with similar content.

Stats & Analysis

Once you have set your targets and made the payments, your campaign is in action. You can check various in-campaign stats from the dashboard. These stats present the number of times your video was paused, the reach, and subscribers.

Post-campaign completion, the platform provides data based on the age group viewing your video. You can also access stats on a gender-based aggregate.

Viboom offers insight into the most popular browsers through which your audience watches your videos. In addition to that, get stats on viewer retention, average watch time, viewer location, and device types.

User Reviews

    1. Trustpilot - Vanessa, a content creator, says Viboom has helped her gain organic views and subscribers.
    2. Reddit - Reddit users say that Viboom is effective for live Youtube video promotions. Michael, who hosts a tech review channel, claims his subscribers grew two-fold after utilizing Viboom.

Fiverr - Not the best, but affordable

How does Fiverr Work?

Fiverr isn't only limited to freelancer gigs for content or design. The platform features some of the best video marketing and video advertising sellers.

Fiverr offers various filters so that you can select the best Youtube promotion service for yourself. The platform provides different services. These fulfill your needs for optimizing video SEO, adding annotations, and setting an action plan.

You can browse from various sellers based on their language and geographical location. Also, choose your project budget, delivery time and the level of expertise of the service provider.

You will need to choose from three types of packages after selecting a service provider. These include the basic, standard and premium package, in increasing order of efficiency and features.

Audience Selection & Targeting

Your audience selection & sub-targeting procedure depends on your coordination with your seller. The best service providers do specific audience and keyword research.

You can target viewers from a particular region or age group. The service provider will study the Youtube marketing strategies of your competitors. Accordingly, you will get customized Youtube promotion packages for your channel.

Stats & Analysis

With your service purchase, you will get a personal manager or a management tool. You can track sales records, views on your channel, subscriber count, and conversion through this tool.


Promotion services for Youtube work via various approaches. They increase organic traffic on your videos and channel by featuring it alongside similar content. These services also utilize the click-bait strategy and present your work on partner websites. Indeed, Youtube promotion services contribute positively to your brand and help you achieve your goals.