Holidays are not only times in our lives that bring us together with close family members and friends, but these remarkable days are also ones when gift-giving is an expectation. Keep in mind, relationships are the focus, not our own personal wants and needs.

Are you starting to feel like the presents you give to your parents or siblings are getting to be a little bit too predictable? Maybe you draw a complete blank when trying to surprise your spouse on their birthday. You can show you care with these thoughtful gift ideas to put a spark in your relationships and an immediate smile on their faces.

Long-lasting Flowers

The gift of roses is a romantic staple of special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. They bring joy for that first week or so before they begin to wilt away. But what if you could show the one you love just how much they mean to you with roses that last a whole year?

With Eternity® Roses, you will make a wedding anniversary extra memorable with luxury flowers that will be there until your next anniversary celebration rolls back around. Giving roses in a box that uses a color pigmentation and dehydration process to ensure their long-term beauty turns them into the gift that keeps on giving.

Vinyl Records are Collector’s Items

While you may believe that the entire world is strictly streaming music, true enthusiasts are keeping physical copies of their favorite albums on vinyl. That ultra music lover that holds a special place in your heart will be thrilled to have some new audio editions for their turntables from UDiscover Music's vinyl records collection.

The next time that you are at the home of your favorite vinyl collector, start thumbing through the albums they already have in their shelves and crates. Make a mental note of their favorite recording artists by bringing it up in casual conversation so that their next gift from you is truly inspired.

Get Them Dressed for Golf

When you are looking for that thoughtful gift idea for that man or woman that loves to unwind by shooting 18 holes of golf, instead of trying to get them another set of golf clubs that they already have and rely on, go in an entirely different direction.

Pick a gift for that golfer that they will need whenever they head over to play on their go-to course, some brand new golf attire. Not only will they get good use out of new golf apparel because they won’t want to keep wearing the same thing each week, they will be pleasantly reminded of your kindness every time they wear it proudly.

Drink Responsibly and Healthier

Who says that there isn’t a healthier way to have some adult beverages? Your friends and family will really enjoy some fresh bottles of mezcal, a spirit distilled from the maguey (agave) plant that has potential benefits for depression, the heart, and your metabolism.

Mezcal goes through a slow and steady ripening process, anywhere between 7-10 years for an agave espadín to be ready for harvest. Even with a 750 ML bottle having a 40% alcohol by volume level, Mezcal still has zero sugar, sodium, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

CBD Oil Without Hemp or THC

The health benefits of CBD oil have been wonderful for those looking for a remedy for anxiety, inflammation, exercise pain, mobility issues, gastrointestinal support, and maintaining sleep cycles.

But what if you could have CBD oil that isn’t associated with hemp or cannabis at all and was made from terpenes found in orange peels?

Peels CBD is 99.5% pure and is not subject to the legal restrictions that cannabis-related CBD has placed upon it. Give the gift of a healthy solution for discomfort and an amazing conversation piece when they find out that it is actually made from orange peels.

Jewelry that Makes a Statement

Some shiny jewelry for friends and family can go a long way to maximize the ‘wow’ factor in a gift idea. It doesn’t hurt to have them open up a wrapped box with anticipation and find a golden cuban link chain waiting inside it.

Necklaces are not disposable gifts that disappear once they are consumed. With that in mind, make sure that there is a special story behind why you chose such a flattering present. They will be wearing this attractive item around their neck with this special occasion in mind.

The Generous Taste of Caviar

It is not every day that you mark the moment with some fancy caviar as a thoughtful gift. Maybe you want to celebrate your sibling moving out of their apartment into their first house.

Make your loved one feel like royalty with the elite treat of caviar to snack on and enjoy.

‘Purrrfect’ Cat Portraits

There is a reason why cat videos are really popular online. The image of kittens is so heart-warming and cute enough to upgrade your mood in an instant.

Now you can gift your family and friends with cat portraits that are worthy of being hung up on their walls. Turn an eye level pet photo into a customized cat portrait that can get put onto posters, blankets, throw pillows, coffee mugs, and even cell phone cases.

Useful Home Gadgets

How often do we buy our favorite people gifts that honestly have no practical use in their lives? Put an end to the thoughtless presents that get polite smiles and then quickly tossed in the trash once you head home.

Bulbhead is stocked with domestic gadgets that will aid your favorite hobby chef that feels right at home in the kitchen or that amateur gardener that gets their kicks out of planting their own flowers and fruits.

Essential Oils to Set the Mood

Bubbly Belle essential oils bring joyful scents into the living and working quarters of that open-minded family member that you have trouble choosing the right gift for.

Bring a breath of fresh air to aid with their sleeping habits or to up the ante on the level of tranquility in their comfort zone with essential oils.

Authentic Olive Oils and Vinegars

If you are in the market for a thoughtful holiday gift for someone who adores cooking almost as much as they adore you, consider getting them some olive oils and vinegars from Brightland.

Give them the tasteful gift of healthy flavor to stimulate the food they are preparing, so they can add a little bit of your love to their recipes.

Cookware that Will Last

Speaking of cooking, give a gift that can elevate the magic that happens in the kitchen with some brand new quality cookware. Basic pots and pans just won’t do.

Give your edible eats the tools of their trade with non-toxic cookware that has non-stick coating and is environmentally friendly.

Beautiful Beads

We all have that creative family member or close friend that naturally gravitates to artistic objects. Get them an eye-catching accessory or piece of unique beaded jewelry from Susan Alexandra.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bags, and wallets are all memorable presents that your imaginative loved one can enjoy on a regular basis instead of tossing in a cluttered top drawer.

It’s the Thought That Counts  

Take into consideration the hobbies and interests of your significant other. Think about what their life might be lacking and personalize your present for them with these thoughtful gift ideas.