You never pop the question when you know she's not yet ready to tie the knot. You already know how things will end, and it's not favourable. Wait until both of you are prepared to take it a step further. If you start talking about marriage, it's the right time to head to the jewelers and buy an appropriate engagement ring. Even if you feel confident that she will say yes, you still have to prepare for this big moment. Here’s why. 

You want it to be memorable

A proposal is a special event. Even if years pass, you can look back at that moment and feel good about it. You don’t want your future wife to think that you didn’t put effort into that magical event. Make sure you find the right place and ask at the right time. Of course, you can’t forget the best engagement ring to top it all off. 

She might still say no

Even if you feel confident about her response, anything can happen. She might have other concerns, and saying yes isn’t a guarantee. However, your effort in making the proposal memorable and your short speech before asking the question might seal the deal. Convince her to marry you with the right words. There's nothing wrong with rehearsing what you want to say, and it helps you sound calm and natural. 

Avoid a proposal in public 

Public proposals have become more prevalent in recent years. The problem is that you put yourself at risk. Once your girlfriend declines your proposal in public, you can never recover from it. Besides, you can't blame her for that decision. She might say yes if you decided to pop the question privately, and placing too much gimmick on the proposal could have turned her off. It also made the moment less intimate since you shared it with everyone else. Of course, there's nothing wrong with hosting another party later involving your friends and family members. However, the proposal itself should be in private. 

You might not know what to say

You feel confident before asking the question, but you might get lost in the moment. You don’t even know where to begin. Instead of impressing your girlfriend, she will think that you’re not ready to ask the question. Prepare a small note that contains bullet points of what you wish to say. It will serve as your guide if you get overwhelmed. Once you get back on track, you can finish the rest of your speech. 

Hopefully, she will agree to marry you and spend the rest of your life together. Until she says yes, nothing is certain. Take your time to plan the engagement. You may involve your closest friends if you don't think you can get things done alone. If you don't want anyone to divulge this secret, keep it in private. Don't rush the process and ask the question only when you're ready. It will be a magical moment, and both of you will never forget it.