Bitcoin is the most valuable virtual asset at the instance, with a market cap of more than 700 trillion dollars, alongside an inclined trading volume. However, the entire cryptocurrency industry has come across a bearish route over the last month. 

Promising cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin have plunged to an exceeding extent, bitcoin has dropped by almost half of the highest, and ethereum correspondingly plummeted by almost half price from the current value. 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies declined due to the cryptocurrency market crash; after the market crash, few investors sold their bitcoin holdings, whereas most of the investors are still holding bitcoin. 

The fact might amaze you that regardless of the cryptocurrency crash, things are still good in the cryptocurrency industry. The utmost scorching query at this instance in the cryptocurrency marketplace is whether you should buy the dip or not. Suppose you want to get profitable results in your bitcoin trading journey. Below mentioned is an utter portion demonstrating the fact that whether you should buy bitcoin or not, let’s checkout the different regulations of bitcoins.

What Was The Reason For Bitcoin Carnage?

Bitcoin carnage turned the entire cryptocurrency industry upside down. However, the prominent reasons for the cryptocurrency market crash are as follows. 

Environmental toll 

Bitcoin mining is the mere progression of getting new bitcoin units in the marketplace, and the demand for bitcoin has led several gigantic firms to blaze the trail of bitcoin mining progressions recently, which led to an exceeding extent of energy consumption. 

The energy consumed by the bitcoin mining progression the most is electricity. The greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint of bitcoin mining due to the burning of fossil fuels have alleged bitcoin mining for impacting the environment. 

The most impacting statement regarding bitcoin mining environmental sustainability of bitcoin mining was of Elon musk. You might be familiar with the fact that Elon musk announced to accept bitcoin as a transition method for buying goods and services; all the more, he correspondingly stated that bitcoin received as a transaction method would be sustained as bitcoin only.

 However, subsequent to two months of the announcement, Elon musk tweeted a shocking tweet which is correspondingly claimed as the utmost promising reason for bitcoin carnage. Elon Musk tweeted that bitcoin will not be accepted as a payment method due to environmental toll and power consumption. This plummeted the value of bitcoin up to a significant extent.


China is the capital of bitcoin mining as bitcoin mining is performed to an exceeding extent. However, China announced a brutal cryptocurrency regulation rule on bitcoin and other privately mined cryptocurrencies as it included banning bitcoin mining, bitcoin as a payment method, and financial institution rendering cryptocurrency services. 

Should You Consider Buying The Dip?

The value of bitcoin has been through several highs and lows in recent times. All the more, bitcoin has gone through a cryptocurrency market crash three times overall, and the fact might stun you that subsequent to every cryptocurrency market, bitcoin has surged from the previous highest time. 

However, the primary concern is will bitcoin go down. Further, the value of bitcoin subsequent to the market crash is floating on an average price, and it is expected to rise in the upcoming months? In a nutshell, conferring the pattern of bitcoin carnage, bitcoin has always halted its own record.

Is Volatility Of Bitcoin A Threat?

Every individual and crypto enthusiast has witnessed the volatile nature of bitcoin. The fluctuations rendered by the complexity of bitcoin are immense. All the more, these fluctuations have rendered tons of opportunities for bitcoin investors to avail themselves of a significant amount of profits.

 However, there are risks as well; bear in mind that you must elude investing a gigantic buck in bitcoin at the very first glance; you must consider investing that amount of money which you are OK to live without. In a nutshell, you must invest a small amount in bitcoin at the very first glance, and once you are confident enough, you can move to the actual show. 

Overall as per the robust sources, buying bitcoin dip is beneficial as bitcoin is expected to grow in the upcoming months.

These are some of the factors which will help you in understanding whether you should invest resources in bitcoin or not.