If you are an NFL fan, or just an avid sports bettor, you will probably be keeping a close eye on the happenings of this NFL season. It is long anticipated and Fanduel’s Super Bowl odds are getting ripe and ready for next month. 

But what do we know about the teams in play, and who will be making it to the Conference Championships, and the Super Bowl? Well, as it gets closer we learn more and more about what to expect as the season starts to draw to a close. 

It's been a wild season, and we have seen some absolutely exhilarating moments, with fantastic plays from many of the teams. 

There have been so many teams that have done so well this season with the Buccaneers, Packers, Chiefs, Titans, Rams, Bills, Cowboys, and Cardinals all having some excellence it is hard to know who will be up there in the Super Bowl season endgame. 

We know the teams we expect to see in the final few games of the year, but what about the others? 

Franchises such as the Seattle Seahawks did not perform too badly, but they have not made it to the playoffs, and while it is sad to see them not get their moment in these last few games, we wonder what the next year will hold for them. 

Before we talk about their performance in this current season, let’s take a look at where the Seahawks come from, their previous games, and whether or not we can expect them to make a break for the win in future years.

What Is The History Behind The Seattle Seahawks?

The Seahawks were one of the few teams that were founded after the 1970 merger. They play in the NFC of the NFL, and they have only won a single Super Bowl title, which they gained in 2014. However, they have managed to land themselves three NFC championships too; 2006, 2014, and 2015.

The Seahawks joined the NFC alongside the Buccaneers in 1976, they moved to the AFC after their first year and recorded their first winning season back in ‘78. They had a solid team, and had all-time leader receiver Steve Largent. Who retired in 1995. 

Back in the 80s they had coach Chuck Knox, who led them to glory in the AFC Championship game, and he posted record wins for the team with 83 wins and 67 losses over nine years. 

However, when Knox left, it was all downhill from there, and they had their worst season ever when he left in 1991. 

After this it was a struggle, and their wins were sparse. However, by a turn of fate, in 1997 they were purchased by the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft - Paul Allen. He helped to push for a new stadium and kept the team situated in Seattle. 

They managed to make their way back to glory even further when in 2000, they drafted the running back Shaun Alexander, and gained quarterback Matt Hasselbeck in 2001. Alongside an All-Pro Offensive lineman they managed to form the core of the franchise's most successful team! 

In 2002, they moved back to the NFC as a rejig of the NFL’s alignment. This is when they gained their infamous ‘Seahawks Stadium’, a venue which became known as the loudest in sports history. Mainly because of the deep passion of the franchise's fan base. 

In 2006, they then made their way to their first trip to the Super Bowl, however, the Steelers stole their opportunity from them and beat them in the game. They fell off then, in 2007, and they made an effort to rebuild. 

In 2011, they became the first team to qualify for the playoffs with a losing record, and they even upset the champion - the New Orleans Saints, in the first contest. 

By 2013, they had one of the best ranked defenses in the NFL, and they showed off an insanely good 13-3 record that year. They won their playoff games and made their way to the Super Bowl once again. There they captured a 43-8 victory, an insane feat. 

Once again in 2014 they showed the NFC’s best rate and made it to another Super Bowl, after winning against the Packers in their conference game, They ended with a 28-24 loss. 

By 2016 their season was injury riddled, and things started to drip back down again. Their playoff streak ended in 2017, However by 2018 they returned to the post season and kept doing so since. 

How Are The Seahawks Doing In The 2021-2022 Season? 

So, how have they been doing? Well, sadly, they didn’t make the playoffs this year, their last playoff year was 2020, and they missed it this year. They had a win-loss rate of 7-10, and so we won’t be seeing more of them this season.

However, they have a track record of returning when you least expect, so we can expect a return to glory in the years to come, we think.