NFL superstars are something that makes this country what it is, and they have always been huge characters with an even more impressive range of athletic abilities. Complete with Super Bowl awards, and holding records, their profiles are unique and highly impressive. 

Someone who did not waste any time demonstrating his complete potential is Marcus Allen, who led a highly successful NFL career. This is Allen’s legacy, and how his achievements shaped the NFL into what it is today. 

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University of Southern California 

Allen began his football career playing as a quarterback and safety in high school. His range and speed made him stand out from other players, and Allen led the Lincoln football team to several victories. However, it was when he successfully intercepted a pass that gained the attention of talent scouts early on. 

Following high school, Allen went on to become a main part of his college football team from 1978 to 1981. In spite of being originally recruited as a defensive back, Allen moved to tailback position. He was Charles White’s backup as a freshman addition to the Trojans’ National Championship Team. 

Allen then moved to fullback before becoming his team’s starting tailback in 1980. By this point, he was one of the highest scoring college football players in the country, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Allen secured an impressive selection of awards for his efforts, and continued to set many national records. 

Los Angeles Raiders

After graduating from college, Allen was selected tenth overall in the 1982 Los Angeles Raiders’ draft. He did not waste any time living up to expectations, and was voted NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year. He had a highly successful rookie season, and was also named NFL MVP that year. 

During the Super Bowl XVIII, Allen scored two touchdowns contributing to the Raiders’ victory that season. While this isn’t necessarily the most significant number on its own, it made the difference to the Raiders, who were able to defend their reputation and assert their power over their opponents. 

In spite of a highly impressive early career with the Raiders, Allen moved to the backfield in 1987. It was rumored that there was a conflict between Allen and Raiders’ owner Al Davis. 

Kansas City Chiefs 

After leaving the Raiders, Allen joined the Chiefs. He led them in the AFC Championship Games in 1993, and was widely regarded as one of the greatest players again. Allen was named NFL Comeback Player Of The Year, and was the active leader in rushing yards until 1997. 

In spite of having a relatively short-lived career with the Chiefs, Allen was able to progress as a professional athlete during this time. Every year apart from his last, he led the team in rushing consistently. 


Allen maintained an impressive range of awards throughout his career. From the very beginning, he gained the Heisman Trophy as a college player. In addition, Allen was awarded the Walter Camp Award, and was named Pac-10 Player Of The Year for his efforts as a highly impressive college player. 

In 2003, Allen was inducted in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame for his achievements. He also has a place in the California Sports Hall Of Fame, and San Diego Hall Of Champions Breitbard Hall Of Fame. 


Among other accomplishments, Allen set a huge amount of records for the NFL, AFL, and for himself. During his college career he set the NCAA record with the most 200 rushing games. Not only that, but he finished with 4664 rushing yards, and 46 touchdowns. 

To thank him as well as honor one of the highest achieving athletes of his time, Allen’s jersey, number 33, was retired by his University at the end of his time with them. He went on to set even more records, and led the Raiders to a 12-4 victory in 1985. Allen also made huge gains for the Raiders during the AFC West Division Championship. 

Allen also had the longest run in Super Bowl history during his peak career, with a 74 yard touchdown run. 


There are many traits that make a successful athlete and professional sportsperson. Allen has set a huge amount of records, and continues to work within the industry as a spokesperson and blog writer. 

Allen was instrumental in the success of both the Raiders and the Chiefs during his career, and he maintained a reputation for speed, strength, and power. This is what made him such a versatile member of any team, which can be seen in the many positions he played within.