MAINROW established itself in 2020, but it manages to get the attention of a lot of traders worldwide due to its versatility in asset offerings and its trading platforms. Finding the right broker is always a time taking task. If you're hunting for a broker, you've come to the right place. There are plenty of other firms advertising their services online, each claiming to be the best brokerage firm available. Does this imply that you register for all of them? Obviously not. It means that you must conduct due research in order to identify a broker who can provide you with all the solutions under one umbrella. This MAINROW review will tell you everything you need to know about this trading platform. 

Isn't that what you're looking for? MAINROW's headquarter is located in St. Vincent. It was established last year and has recently grown in popularity. Let's have a look into the key features of this broker. 

Assets Offering

To choose a reputable broker, look at their available trading assets first. You will earn profit by trading these assets, so you want to have access to the best and most lucrative ones. Every brokerage will guarantee you the finest choices, and most will fall short. This will not be an issue with MAINROW as they not only claim but also deliver access to most of the world's most prestigious trading markets.

By registering with them, you will be able to trade indexes such as the AUS200, NAS100, and US30. Commodities, either soft or hard, future, and precious metals can all be traded. MAINROW has also included a large number of forex major currencies, including Euro-USD, Australian dollars- USD, USD-Japanese Yen, and Euro-Pound. You may also trade equities in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Alibaba, Tesla, and other firms. Diversity in the portfolio is also achievable with such choices, helping you to reduce your trading risks.

The MAINROW Trading Platforms

The trading platform is among the most significant elements to consider when choosing a broker. This is the trade executing program, and it can have a significant effect on your trading. MAINROW offers a variety of trading platforms to its consumers, ensuring that every user may find something that suits them. They've provided the industry's best MetaTrader4 trading platform, which is a cutting-edge trading platform with all the features necessary to enjoy a seamless trading experience.

Aside from this, you'll notice that MAINROW has included a WebTrader that doesn't need download or installation and can be used directly from their website. Mobile trading applications have also been enabled, allowing users to trade on the go while maintaining full command over the trading account.

Regardless of which trading platform you use, you will be able to take advantage of STP implementation, which enables you to profit from every price movement. They've also included top-notch trading tools like price notifications, economic calendars, basic and analytical tools, risk assessment features, and the most recent market information to improve the whole process.

24/7 Customer Service 

It's critical to have access to customer service as you don't know when you'll run into an issue or have a query that needs to be answered. Online trading delays can be quite costly, so you should try to minimize them as much as feasible. Not all brokers give adequate customer service, but MAINROW stands out in this regard. They've established a FAQ area on their website where customers can get answers to their questions.

If they can't locate it there, they can contact the MAINROW staff through a variety of additional methods. You can submit a support request by completing the form on the webpage, or you can use the live chat feature, which is open 24/7. You can even request a return call at your convenience.

Final Verdict

At MAINROW, you'll have access to a demo account, leverage up to 1 into 500, narrow spreads, an affiliate program, and a wealth of resources to assist you to have a productive and enjoyable trading journey.