The quarantine may have ruined your plans for spring vacation, but that doesn't mean you should cancel your holiday. Working remotely, you have the added burden of keeping the house in order, cooking, and taking care of loved ones. 

Even if you can't go anywhere right now, you deserve a reset. So we gathered some ideas on how to get your nerves in order and relax in quarantine without changing your surroundings. For example, you can discover games with live dealers or take online courses.

There are essential tips for relaxing at home. For example, you can:

  • Rest easy and relax; 
  • Find your hobbies and interests; 
  • Spend time with loved ones or new people; 
  • Take up a sport; 
  • Relax in nature.

What's good about a staycation?

The word staycation refers to a vacation in the city where you live. However, in a quarantine situation, the scope has to be narrowed to your own apartment. Many believe that the global tourism industry is not soon able to recover from the pandemic, so that this trend will gain popularity in the next couple of years.

Do not jump to conclusions and think that a vacation at home is doomed to failure. Instead, please think of the staycation experience as an opportunity to look at the holiday itself differently. Staying in your room means saving money on transportation and lodging and slowing down your routine.

Think back to how your special ten days at the beach or in another city used to go. It was almost certainly either a period of immobility under the ultraviolet or a run through all the major attractions from the guidebook, surrounded by bustling tourists.

According to doctors, however, the best recreation option is to be idle. So instead of trying to drown out the stress and anxiety of a pandemic and general uncertainty by doubling down on work, choose to pause.

Research in neuroscience shows the importance of laziness and idleness to the body's recovery, comments psychologist Deborah Mulhern. In the absence of breaks, the connections between the neurons responsible for feeling calm weaken and make us more vulnerable to stressful situations. In addition, a good rest helps with sleep and stabilizes blood pressure.

Taking a break will also benefit your career: the more fatigue accumulates, the more mistakes we make, and overall productivity drops.

If you don't want to take an entire vacation, consider at least taking a couple of days off. Even a tiny reset can energize you and put you back in a good mood.

How to prepare yourself and your home for your vacation

The main principle of vacationing at home is to change the usual routine and atmosphere. Even in a familiar environment, there is room for maneuvering and imagination. For example, you can sleep in another room, move furniture for a while or place a tent in the apartment. No one forbids you to turn into a child for a few days and fool around or entirely rearrange your daily routine.

A digital detox will help you disconnect from the world and your worries. Stop reading the news and reduce your presence in social networks. For a couple of days without your undivided attention, the planet will not disappear. And be sure to ask co-workers and customers not to be disturbed over the weekend.

Calculate your vacation budget in advance. Determine how much you are willing to spend. Then, if you have the opportunity, treat yourself to new purchases and meals from your favorite restaurant.

Set yourself up for a relaxed routine without fussing and excitement over anything.

Seven ideas for a home vacation

Home hotel.

First, do an audit of your living space. Be honest with yourself: you can not relax in the middle of a mess because the eye will now and then cling to the annoying little things like clothes that are not put away in the closet or dried up flowers, which you can not throw out.

To prepare your home for the vacation:

  1. Take a critical look around the room.
  2. Get rid of everything that frustrates you.
  3. Imagine you're in a five-star hotel. The space should not be unnecessary, which reminds me of work.
  4. Cover the office chair with a cozy cape put the documents in a drawer.
  5. Decorate the bedroom.

A Romantic Weekend.

Quarantine is no reason to deprive yourself of a date if you're stuck with your partner at home. Instead, suggest that they develop a themed dinner or a whole cultural program for the weekend. Think about how you would spend your weekend together if you weren't self-isolated? Maybe the scenery of your favorite restaurant can be recreated at home and show your acting talents, posing as a waiter or a discriminating customer? Order the food you've always wanted to try, watch a movie together, hold a disco or an evening of board games.

A day of self-care

You can't go to a beauty salon or spa, so you have to take care of yourself. Spend the day grooming and meditating. Go through your makeup bag, update your facial and body care regimen, and take a scented bath. Do whatever gives you the most pleasure and helps you relax. You can visit the site to read new information for yourself, which will also be helpful at your leisure.

Time Travel

Photos help us transport ourselves through time and space. Pull out a family album and let yourself get nostalgic. Write to your college mates or high school girlfriends and friends. Call your family and exchange memories from your childhood. Reclaiming warm moments will distract you from your current anxieties and remind you of your values and identity.

Bathroom for VIPs

Inexpensive hotels, the bathroom is usually shiny and relaxing. It is free of unnecessary items and dirty laundry. Try updating the interior a bit. Buy a coaster so you can drink coffee in the bathroom, put a tray for cosmetics on the sink, so creams and bottles aren't scattered everywhere. If you have a free open shelf, put a flower on it. Check to see if you need to change light fixtures or buy an extra lamp. Choose a soap with a pleasant scent.

Virtual tourism

You can learn more about the culture and traditions of another country online. There are many virtual tours of the sights of different countries on the internet. But instead of sitting in front of a computer all day, try the total immersion method:

  • Cook the national dish of the region of interest to you.
  • Play a traditional game.
  • Choose an outfit based on local fashion.


Scents can affect our moods. If you dream of mentally transporting yourself to another place, try filling your home with exotic scents. For example, a vacation to Hawaii would be filled with the smells of orchids, vanilla, and coffee. Give yourself the feeling of traveling by ordering scented candles or oils from an online store.

Different scents will also help you reach your desired state faster - whether it's calm or, on the contrary, energetic. For example, tart and floral notes will cheer you up, and the smell of lavender, chamomile, or bergamot will put you in a meditative mood.