The colder months are drawing in and winter is right around the corner! This time of year can be trickier for horse owners, with extra care needed to keep your horse warm and comfortable against the harsh conditions and an ongoing battle with the mud feeling like a never ending chore. 

As you shop for new turnout rugs to get prepared against the incoming weather, knowing how to keep them in the best possible condition will mean you can get plenty more use from your purchase. With your rugs being an essential for daily use, keeping them clean and stored correctly when not in use will mean they do not deteriorate quicker than they should, so you can avoid unwanted issues like mould, dirt and odours.

Ongoing maintenance

Staying on top of cleaning is important to maintain a tidy rug, and little and often tends to be the easiest approach. You can buy rug cleaning solutions to make the task easier and get stuck in with a bit of elbow grease to remove any marks or build up of dirt that may have occurred. The washing and drying process can be a bit tricky using household facilities, but regular maintenance will make it easier to keep on top of.

Many horse owners opt for professional cleaning to keep their rugs in great condition, visiting specialist cleaners who have better facilities. Using industrial washing machines that can help with those tough stains and an effective drying process to maintain the shape of the rug, you can save yourself plenty of time by visiting a professional from time to time. 

Staying on top of repairs

As your horse enjoys their time out in the field, they are bound to encounter their fair share of bumps and scrapes. Especially for horse’s who are surrounded by greenery with protruding branches or who live with other horses, your rug can be prone to tearing. Attending to these repairs before they have time to worsen is highly advised, keeping an eye on its condition to check for any new damages. If you are not in a position to undergo the repairs yourself, many cleaning providers will also be able to undergo repairs to stitch up any holes or repair any broken fastenings.

Storing your rugs

Whether you need to switch to a lighter fabric as the weather gets mild, put your rug away for the season or you’re looking to swap to your newest rug, it is important to store your horse rugs the correct way. If stored in a poor manner, your rug could become damp and grow mould, releasing an unpleasant smell and quickly deteriorating the quality.

Before storing your rug, it should be thoroughly cleaned and free of any dirt so it is ready to use once needed. The main priority is ensuring that it is completely dry, leaving it to dry out in an environment with plenty of air flow before you put it away. A dry bin or trunk with a lid is ideal for storing your rugs to ensure no moisture can get to them, especially if being stored until next year.