There are a few places that children love going. For example, kids love a trip to the park or somewhere fun where they can run around and be kids. But, when it comes to going to the dentist, things can get tricky. A lot of children fear going to the dentist since it is somewhere new and unfamiliar. In some cases, they may even learn to fear them from how guardians talk or approach a dentist.

But, if you notice that your child does not like going to the dentist, there are some things you can do to make the appointment easier. Let’s take a look.

Play Dentist At Home

Again, a lot of children are scared when they are somewhere that is new and where they do not know what is going on. One way you can accustom your child with going to the dentist is by playing this game at home, this North York family dentist suggests. One of you can be the dentist while the other is the patient. This can help your child build their confidence so they know what is going to happen and it is not a surprise.

Be Upbeat and Positive

 Often, parents project how they feel about the dentist onto their kids. In other words, if you are scared of the dentist, this is something that you can spread to your children. So, in order for your child’s appointment to go smoothly, try having an upbeat and positive attitude. Talk about going to the dentist as if it is a wonderful thing and try to stay calm. This positive energy can rub off on your child and they are going to feel better about the whole situation.

Bring their Favorite Toy

Children often need reassurance and familiar surroundings. While the dentist office is going to be new and very different to what they are used to, you can take something from home that brings them comfort. This could be a toy, game or even their favorite teddy bear. When your child has something there that they like and that brings them comfort, this can make a trip to the dentist feel better for everyone. If your child is feeling anxious, they can know they have their favorite toy for some support.

Have a Fun Day Out

It is time to make going to the dentist fun. One way to do this is to incorporate the appointment into a fun day out with your child. This way, it can be like it is no big deal and you are not going to make a fuss about it. Often, when you have a dentist appointment, you plan your whole day around it and this is something that can cause anxiety for a child that does not know what to expect. So, make it no big deal by doing fun activities around the dentist. In addition, this can also make a fun correlation between everything and it can seem like the dentist is not a punishment or something negative.