In 2021, 4.48 billion people will use social media on a daily basis. This means that almost half the world's population has some form of online presence. So, it is very likely that your brand image will depend on the social media presence that it commands. And in this article, we will look at the best tips for building a brand on social media. 

1. Update Your Profile 

The first, and most basic step in building a reliable brand online is to fully update your online profile. As a brand, you want to be visible and accessible. So, people should be able to find accurate information about your profile on every social media platform. You should also ensure that every detail that visitors would want to know is filled in and available. 

Lastly, remember to remove any controversial content that you might have posted in the past. This can result in a bad reputation in the future, and will be harmful for your growth. 

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2. Setting S.M.A.R.T goals 

A concrete social media branding strategy, going by the acronym S.M.A.R.T, it stands for: 

  • Specific: You need to decide on a specific goal before you put your time and energy into achieving it. 
  • Measurable: The goal you set out for your brand should be measurable. Metrics such as follower count or engagement count is key in this case.
  • Achievable: Ensure that the goals you set out for your brand to accomplish are do-able in the near future. 
  • Relevant: You should have a clear idea about how the plan will impact and benefit your business. 
  • Timely: Always set out a timeframe to achieve a particular goal. This promotes accountability and encourages you to push your limits. 

3. Identify Your Target Audience 

Every person in the world cannot be your targeted audience. You need to be specific in the type of people that will benefit from the content you post or the services you offer. This will help you identify hot leads, and deliver better service to customers. As a result, you will have better customer satisfaction and retention. 

In the long run, having a target audience in mind will help you spend your money effectively and market your brand to the relevant people. Check out the dos and don’ts about getting an audience here. 

4. Create Engaging Content 

Once you have identified your target audience, and have updated your profile, it is time to create. Branding on social media is best achieved through great content. 

People respond better to visual content than text. So, create infographics and images to maximize your reach and impressions on followers. Use attractive colours in your graphics. Remember to use the popular hashtags based on the genre of your content so that people can access it based on their preferences. 

If you're promoting a product or service, have compelling product photos to showcase your brand. This strategy is not only used by the established companies, but also the smaller businesses. Overall, it makes your profile look much more professional and appealing to a customer. 

5. Build Relationships Through Social Media Brand Marketing 

Keeping an engaged audience is key when you're building brand awareness through social media. In many cases, having an engaged low follower count, is better than having a high count with no engagement. 

Answer questions and reply to comments whenever possible. Mention people using the '@' tag when you're posting as well. Lastly, share other people's content, especially when it applies to you. Reply to their mentions of your brand, and ensure that you're human in your approach. 

Don't try to hard-sell people about your deals and offers on your page. Instead, give them nuggets of information that they can use. This way, you're building a positive brand image and people will be more likely to use or recommend your services.