Bitcoin is an exceedingly famous trading instrument, an investment asset as the returns on bitcoin are just excellent. People are making a passive income from bitcoin trading and investment progression just hassle-free. However, bitcoin is not a source of money as Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin, invented bitcoin to make transactions feasible and viable.

 Due to some fascinating technologies present in bitcoin, the store value of bitcoin started to incline, and in a nominal range of time, bitcoin touched the value of $1000. You can also make considerable money in your bitcoin trading expedition by checking websites and cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Unfortunately, Satoshi Nakamoto issued a finite supply of bitcoin units, and there are only 21 million bitcoin units that miners can ever mine. 

Miners have already mined most of the bitcoin units until now. Only 10% of the bitcoin supply is remaining that miners can mine. So, you may think since bitcoin is a virtual currency, where people store their bitcoin units. 

Bitcoin wallet is the platform that helps you in storing bitcoin units. All the more, you can send, receive and trade bitcoin units. Let's check out different types of bitcoin wallets and determine which one is best for bitcoin traders. 

 Web bitcoin wallet 

Web-based bitcoin wallets are the utmost criticized wallet as the security of these bitcoin wallets is just nominal. The compatibility and accessibility of these bitcoin wallets are much more in contrast to other wallets, but they lack significant security criteria. You can find great web-based bitcoin wallets for free on the web. If you consider holding a considerable amount of bitcoin units, you must not choose a web bitcoin wallet. 

Mobile Wallet

Bitcoin wallets fall under two criteria: foremost is a hot bitcoin wallet, and the second one is a cold bitcoin wallet. Mobile bitcoin wallet, desktop, and web-based bitcoin wallets fall under the criteria of hot bitcoin wallet, as hot bitcoin wallets are compatible with web services. On the other hand, cold bitcoin wallets are not compatible with web services, and hardware bitcoin wallets fall under the cold bitcoin wallet category.

Mobile bitcoin wallets are one of the most prominent bitcoin wallets. The security aspect of the mobile bitcoin wallet is correspondingly efficient in contrast to other wallets. All the more, these wallets are compatible with any possible android devices and iOS devices.

 Moreover, mobile bitcoin wallets offer you the feature of scanning a QR code. QR codes embrace the ease of transactions as you can make transactions without even acknowledging the receiver's wallet address.

 There is an ample service provider which claims to offer the best in class services. However, there are merely few bitcoin wallets in which you can invest resources. Before buying any bitcoin wallet, you must check the wallet's security, user interface, reputation, and user base. 

Desktop Bitcoin Wallet 

Desktop bitcoin wallets also have security issues as of web-based bitcoin wallets. The only reason behind this is that ample malware and viruses on your desktop attack your bitcoin funds. The compatibility and accessibility of these bitcoin wallets are also significantly less than mobile-based wallets. 

All the more, this bitcoin wallet does not offer you the feature of scanning a QR code. However, these wallets offer a vast set of features, such as trading bitcoin units, reading market charts, the market value of bitcoin, and many more. 

Hardware Bitcoin Wallet 

Hardware bitcoin wallets are the utmost expensive bitcoin wallet. However, the only reason these bitcoin wallets are expensive compared to other bitcoin wallets is that these wallets offer an exceeding extent of security. 

There are only a few hardware bitcoin wallets in the marketplace, and most of these wallets are present in the form of a USB Drive. Unfortunately, these wallets are not compatible and accessible; if you have to transfer bitcoin from one wallet to another, you have to connect a hardware bitcoin wallet with a computer. 

Which Bitcoin Wallet is best for a bitcoin trader?

Bitcoin traders open and close multiple positions of bitcoin in a single day. According to rich sources, mobile-based bitcoin wallets are best for bitcoin traders as these wallets offer you a considerable extent of security alongside compatibility and accessibility.

The portion, as mentioned earlier, demonstrates some prominent types of bitcoin wallets, and mobile-based bitcoin wallets are best for bitcoin traders.