As mentioned in many articles over the past few years, cannabidiol is a substance extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant grown under organic farming, selecting the species with a low THC content instead to enhance the excellent extract of the plant: CBD. 

The CBD oil is obtained by treating the inflorescences from which it is possible to get a natural product, part of the CB1 type, which positively stimulates the human body. 

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Why should you use CBD oil? 

Several times, it has been shown that cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects or does not act on the mind, causing psychotropic reactions. Therefore, this substance does not give any addiction, but rather instils tranquility by giving well-being and becoming a good ally for treating various diseases and disorders. 

The Cannabis plant already contains a very low percentage of CBD and THC in nature. It was possible to have plants with a higher concentration of cannabinoids thanks to the hybridization between selected species. Therefore, the new hemp contains a high percentage of CBD and a concentration of THC very close to zero. This is the only species that can be grown and sold legally. 

THC causes an amplified alteration of the state of anxiety. On the contrary, CBD manages to interact with the serotonin reactor, the happiness hormone. As a result, it gives serenity and well-being to anyone who uses it, reducing anxiety and panic attacks. The simplest method to take CBD is to buy it in the form of oil: only a few drops of this product are enough to regain the lost serenity. 

CBD oil: improves psychophysical health 

Cannabidiol oil can regulate heartbeat by calming agitation and allowing greater control over negative thinking. In addition, CBD interacts with dopamine neurotransmitters that create well-being and vitality by counteracting depressive symptoms. 

Therefore, it can be identified as a natural antidepressant and an excellent aid for the treatment of various addictions, such as, for example, smoking, as it manages to stabilize the mood by counteracting the negative effect given by abstinence. 

CBD oil for migraine relief 

A migraine attack lasts between 4 and 72 hours. It is much more intense than a regular headache due to, for example, stress or allergy. During a migraine attack, you often have no choice but to go to bed, take pain relievers, and hope it will pass soon. 

Pain relievers, however, have the disadvantage of having side effects and often offer only mild relief. In a study of 48 people, 40% of the participants had fewer migraines while taking CBD oil. 

Another study of 26 participants found that people who used CBD oil have a better quality of life than those who used pain relievers. 

These are just a few small studies; however, it seems helpful to try CBD oil if you suffer from migraines often. 

If an acute migraine attack, you can also inhale CBD oil using a vaporizer. Therefore, the active ingredients will almost immediately pass into the blood. 

CBD for the treatment of fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes severe chronic pain in the muscles and connective tissue, and stiffness throughout the body. 

Since CBD oil has an analgesic effect, it is not surprising that its consumption is beneficial for some people with fibromyalgia. However, there is still a lack of convincing scientific evidence in this regard. 

CBD oil is used for sleep improvement 

Many people suffer from sleep disorders. About 10% of the population suffers from chronic insomnia, and 30% will experience it at some point in their life. 

Marijuana is well known for helping with sleep disorders. For example, the use of marijuana with high THC values reduces the duration of REM sleep. This is useful in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because one dreams less and has fewer nightmares. 

CBD is better suited than THC for insomnia instead. 

With CBD, you can enjoy a deeper sleep. Deep sleep is the most crucial phase of sleep: it is the most restorative and calm phase. 

User reviews reveal that CBD improves sleep for many people, while others benefit more from THC. Again, it's a matter of proving what's suitable for yourself. However, although THC can solve short-term sleep disturbances, THC has affected long term sleep quality. 

CBD oil side effects 

CBD oil has virtually no side effects. It does not carry a risk of addiction and has no psychoactive effects.

Based on clinical studies conducted in 2010, researchers concluded that CBD can be used safely and is well tolerated. However, consuming CBD oil does cause side effects in some people. Here are these side effects: 

- nausea 
- sleep disorders 
- irritability 
- oral dryness 
- hypotension 
- slowing of digestion 
- dizziness 
- hallucinations 
- drowsiness 
- mood swings 

Too high a dose of CBD oil increases the risk of side effects. In addition, if CBD oil is not pure (and contains THC), there is a risk of experiencing side effects, including hallucinations. Changing CBD oil can be a solution. 

Which CBD oil to buy 

Some CBD oils have relatively high concentrations of THC. 

However, in the UK, CBD products are prohibited if they contain higher levels of THC and if they are not obtained from authorized plants. 

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