The NFL is the American professional football league. It was established in 1920, and today the league has 32 teams. The football league began to gain popularity only in the 1960s after merging with the American Football League rapidly. Today, American football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every fan knows such names as Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and others. Millions of users of betting companies in the world place their bets on this sport. In this review, we will talk about five amazing, exciting facts about the NFL that you might not know before. And to learn more about NFL betting, you can read the McBookie Review and Betanysports Review pages.


Everyone knows that football players usually make good money - their fees are estimated at several thousand dollars. Many football fans would undoubtedly be interested to know that the salary of an NFL football player in a few decades has increased 84 times. For example, in 1956, a newcomer to the league could earn a minimum of $ 5,000, so almost all the players earned extra money in the offseason. However, according to 2021 data, today, the minimum salary of a football player who has a contract for at least one year is $450,000. At the same time, few of the players earn extra money.  

It's not uncommon for NFL players' salaries to be compared to those of players in three other popular leagues: the NBA, MLB, and NHL.  

And even though NFL players receive much more, there is a peculiarity here: the fact is that, given the length of the player's career, the NFL has the shortest career of 4 leagues: on average, it lasts a little more than three years. That is why NFL player has the lowest career earnings (about $5.12 million). While NHL players have three times as much, MLB players have five times as much, and NBA players have 5.5 times as much ($30.2 million).  

It is also interesting to note that the NFL is the only league where there is no guarantee of a certain amount of player salaries. In addition to the total amount of the contract, the guaranteed part is negotiated separately. If the player's contract is signed for five years, then the salary is guaranteed only for the first two years.   

Thus, the team has the opportunity to expel the player after two seasons if he considers his game ineffective and terminates the contract with the player. In addition, if a football player concludes a long-term contract with the team, then according to the rules, he is obliged to work out the contract to the end, so he has practically no means of putting pressure on the team. Therefore, he cannot influence the size of his salary in any way.  

Ball features  

An interesting fact: providing the NFL with balls for the entire season takes about 600 cows to be killed. There are 11,520 balls used in the regular season, 450 in the playoffs, and 76 are always in reserve for the Super Bowl. At the same time, about 20 balls can be made from the skin of one cow.  

An American football consists of three parts: an outer layer, vinyl or cotton backing, and a bladder. A distinctive feature of the American football ball is the well-known external lacing. Some people think that it is used for beauty, but in fact, this lacing acts as a retainer and helps to keep the air chamber stationary inside. In addition, thanks to the firmware, the ball is more comfortable to hold in your hand.  

It is worth noting that in professional American football, only those balls that are approved by the NFL are always used. They have strictly-defined parameters - the length is 28 cm (from one sharp end to the other), and the weight must correspond to 400 g, while the transverse diameter in the middle of the ball must be 16 cm.  

Traditionally, American football balls have always been made of cowhide - it provided the ball with strength and roughness, which fully complied with the requirements of manufacturers. It is the strength that helps the ball retain its shape after numerous strong blows, and the uneven surface ensures that there is no slipping, which is very important for players during the match. Today, various manufacturers use, in addition to cowhide, other materials - for example, rubber, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, synthetic and natural rubbers, and leather. However, when creating balls for the main competitions, it is cowhide that is still used.  

Fan Gift Penalty  

Many football fans know that it is not uncommon for players to give the ball to the fans after a game as a way of expressing their appreciation to the fans and thanking them for their support. However, the NFL has very different rules - players can be fined up to $ 5,000 by the NFL if one of them specifically gives the ball to the fans.  

Strange rules 

The NFL has many rules that players must follow. One of the rules regarding players says that only the simultaneous death of 15 or more players can be considered a "catastrophe". If there were less than 15 deaths, then this is "almost a disaster," because in this case, the NFL allows the team to take third players from any other teams to the team. If disaster strikes, it's up to the NFL commissioner to decide if a team can continue its play through the season. In any case, during the next draft, the team will be assigned the first number.  

Athletes drink  

You can often see NFL players using Gatorade during their breaks to rebalance their water, carbohydrates, and salts. Interestingly, the drink was originally called "Gator-Aid". The first part of this name meant the name of the student team, "Florida Gators" - it was for this team that the drink was created in 1965. The second part of the name means "help". But because the creators of the drink did not want to conduct lengthy clinical trials and tests, they decided to remove the medical component from the name. Instead, the "aid" part was replaced with the letter combination "ade" consonant with it, which in itself does not mean anything. This drink in different times was used by players from Arizona Cardinals, Canton Bulldogs, Boston Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Colts, Bay State Patriots, Buffalo Bills, York Giants, and others.  


The entire history of the existence of the NFL cannot be described in one article - football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Therefore, it has many features, rules, and restrictions. Summing up this review of interesting factors, we can conclude that the entire history of American football is a collection of a huge number of interesting and unusual facts that have accumulated over the many years of the existence of the NFL.