Scion Executive Search is an award-winning executive search company designed to support charitable agencies, foundations, and educational institutions. Cultivated in the non-profit field, we have the organization’s expert recruitment methods and leadership.

Our executive candidates are true agents of change and we are experts to align their skills, interests, and desires with the purpose of your company. Scion Executive Search has driven several hundred successful searches of executives across the globe.

An outstanding hire will forever change an organization. It's our mission and passion for our loyal clients to turn organizational opportunities into reality. For the past fourteen years, the Business Times has listed Scion as a leading employee company, and Forbes has also named Scion to the list of Best nonprofit search firms in the World and US. Our national offices in the USA and remote experts perform expedient executive searches for all locations in the US.

Why choice Nonprofit Executive Search Firm & Services

We are honored and proud that many hundreds of leading organizations and foundations around the US consider our executive search services to be the greatest. The key to our success is not really a key; we are passionate about positioning our customers to achieve sustainable success and our firm is committed to upholding honesty, consistency, professionalism, confidentiality, and personalized service.

Our principles are at the heart of all that we do at Scion Executive Search. There are no preconceived notions; we deliver executive search techniques that are detailed, efficient, validated, and highly successful. We take pride in overcoming the status quo by being your trusted advisors in the executive hire industry! No matter what position or organization, we see every quest as an opportunity to surpass our clients’ and candidates' standards!

Our credibility has a way to precede us, and our base is profoundly rooted in our partnerships with people, governmental institutions, universities, companies, start-ups, and organizations. -- of our customers gets unprecedented reach across national and local networks, with millions of executive candidate choices accessible.

Networks of candidates for Scion Executive Search emerge from four distinct areas : 

(1) our proven private network of executive leaders; 

(2) the non-profit and foundation sector as a whole; 

(3) a campaign focused on executive corporate leadership; and 

(4) board members/start-up executives seeking full-time entry into the non-profit field.

Scion Executive Search stands ready to match you with the talent you're looking for, from executive leadership in social services to foundations!

Our Services

You can trust our specialist recruitment consultants to link you with the best talent on the market when the stakes are high and outstanding results are what you need. Our executive candidates are true agents of change, and we are able to balance their strengths, interests, and motives toward the mission of your company. Our company has carried out thousands of searches across the globe.

Our nonprofit team of professional experts is ready to produce outcomes and provide you with more detail about the services we offer:

  • Specialization of searches
  • Organizations without Benefits
  • Stiftungen
  • Institutes of Education
  • Syndicates
  • Companies
  • Organizations of Membership

Fees Areas

Scion Executive Search is a modern recruitment company that operates primarily for the charity sector and offers a competitive all-inclusive recruitment service/fee for our work. Scion Executive Search provides you with a creative search platform that generates full value without any hidden costs. Here are some of the advantages of having our business engaged:

Leadership in the searching process: We are specialists in engaging with the company and leading the search process.

Creation of pipelines: Vast reach into the charitable, foundation, education, start-up, business, and governmental candidate networks.

Management of search and candidates: We oversee the whole process and all aspects of recruiting logistical and strategic search.

Candidate exclusivity: When you partner with us, we always give your company exclusive first right of choice during the process of all candidates who have been selected for your organization.

Competitive Intelligence: We provide reports on candidates identified, candidates contacted, ratings, ranking, and so on for any executive search.

Commitment to fill the position: We work tirelessly to meet your standards, develop a robust applicant pipeline, and produce timeline results.

Our recruitment specialists are experienced in discovering and placing outstanding leadership for voluntary organizations, ranging from health and human welfare agencies to broad causes of relief to community foundations.

Scion Executive Search has been conducting systematic quests for prominent organizations’ executive leadership since 2006. Our activity in nonprofit executive recruitment facilitates the leadership in national executives and divisions across a wide range of organizations

Our executive search experts advise our clients on successful organizational growth planning, timetable formation, and leadership change assistance to accelerate recruiting priorities and ensure long-term performance, in addition to recruitment, networking, and applicant evaluations. We are experts in charity executive recruitment and are highly experienced in hiring diversity. We take great care in building pools for our clients of extremely well-qualified executive candidates.

Scion Executive Search is an award-winning company with a boundless passion for connecting charities with outstanding leadership. We were listed in the United States for two years running on the Forbes "Best Executive Recruitment Firm" list and were listed in the Business Times for thirteen years running. Scion is an award-winning company with a passion to link partnerships with excellent leadership.

We are professional executive recruiters, leadership networkers, developers, mavens hiring diversity, project managers, and masters of organizational growth who focus on connecting the dots in ways other organizations can't; our goal is to enhance the impact of your unique mission!

Our proven expertise and network in the recruiting of executives fit the following project specializations

  • Communities
  • Control Facilities
  • Kids & Family Programs
  • Healthcare
  • Medicine
  • Know
  • Young people
  • Homestay
  • Developing a workforce
  • Local / Regional Affairs
  • Lawyers
  • Socio-just
  • Human rights: Civil rights
  • Equity and equal opportunities
  • Enterprise / Sector
  • Wirtschaftsentwicklung
  • Natural Inheritance
  • Organizations built on faith
  • Historic environmental trusts
  • Some highlights

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