Many latest posts have acquired attention to the gigantic chunk of electricity utilized for cryptocurrency generation operations. You might be familiar that mining is responsible for releasing new tokens to circulation, but the significance of mining is not limited to maintaining the supply merely. Want to know about cryptocurrency trading? Check platforms that discuss if bitcoin is safe to use . The annualized electricity consumption BTC mining was 30 TWh in 2019, and the number has surged dramatically just in two years. 

With more people realizing the profit potential of this business, the difficulty rate and the electricity consumption of this business will keep skyrocketing. Electricity is a magnificent factor in determining the expense of BTC mining expenses. People always wonder whether this factor determines the spot value of this coin or not. Here is a complete answer to the most asked query regarding bitcoin mining expense and the spot value of BTC.

Impacts of energy cost on the marginal cost of production!

As discussed earlier, energy is a magnificent factor characterizing the spot value and expense. Energy determines 90% of bitcoin mining expense, and the rest is determined by mining pool costs and other equipment necessary for mining. So you might wonder bitcoin mining are exceedingly expensive and why these machines don't characterize bitcoin mining expense. 

Bitcoin mining machines like GPU and ASICs can live up to their maximum efficiency for almost five years and provide the maximum hash rate for almost four and a half years. In other words, this hardware is a single-time cost, and the remaining cost of this business is determined by electricity or any other energy source. On the contrary, productivity and profitability are significant factors enticing cryptocurrency miners and expanding mining plants to increase business demand. 

Energy Expense and Spot Price Corundum!

The electricity utility in bitcoin mining relies upon numerous significant factors, from a huge convenience of low cost and highly efficient mining machines alongside the difficulty rate. For example, the electricity consumption will also increase at the higher difficult rate of minting a token.

 As per reports, bitcoin mining profitability and productivity will diminish if the electricity consumption increases. On the other hand, if the business becomes more energy-efficient, the profitability will also surge. 

In the past decade, many miners moved to china to save electricity expenses as the power cost in china is much lesser than in other developed countries. With miners rushing in China, the country became a superpower in mining and turned into a 60% contributor of hash rate on the blockchain networks. 

Most of the cryptocurrency miners preferred to reside in the Sichuan province. The electricity expense is undeniably almost similar in every province of China, but in Sichuan, hydropower was exceedingly easy to get.

Miners didn't have to pay any extra charge to access the hydropower. You might wonder why people prefer hydropower or other conventional energy sources over electricity. First of all, conventional and renewable energy sources don't cause any harm to the environment. Secondly, miners find mining profitable using renewable sources of energy. 

The costs of cryptocurrency mining decrease by ten folds when a miner uses any renewable energy source. Other suitable venues for this business include Iceland, yes you read it right. Iceland is naturally very cool, and you don't have to spend money on cooling machines to increase mining machines' efficiency. 

Moreover, in such regions, the miner can use geothermal energy as a volcano is present in this region. Iceland is not a region that utilizes geothermal energy for mining, and El Salvador is also in the game. El Salvador has already taken many initiatives to make BTC a superior money system. The use of geothermal energy in this region for the mining business has attracted numerous foreign investors. 

The expenses of mining seem to impact digital coins spot price. The more expensive it is to mint a digital coin, the lesser number of miners will participate in the process, which will decrease the supply. A shortened supply is always responsible for a price increase. 

Here is everything one should know about the expense of cryptocurrency mining and its influence on the spot price.