The statistics may surprise you

Age discrimination is very real in the U.S. The complaints that are received by the EEOC have been increasing year by year.  EEOC federal regulators report that in the last 20 years, the complaints have increased 40% and of those, 23% involve age discrimination. These statistics reveal just how prevalent this form of age discrimination is in the U.S. in spite of the fact that many of the boomers are nearing or already in retirement This trend may require more enforcement in order to minimize this upward statistic.

Older workers bring more experience with them to the job but they are still being held back and passed over by employers. In most cases a worker in his mid fifties takes longer to get hired than the younger worker.  In some cases the statistics indicate it takes 3 months longer for the older worker than the younger job seeker.  The report also reveals that 1 in every 5 American workers over the age of 40 have reported not getting a job due to their age.

What Employees need to know about Workplace Age Discrimination

  1. A worker who is age 40 and younger cannot pursue any recourse when it comes to age discrimination at the workplace.
  1.  Age discrimination usually is thought of as mainly against the elderly verses the younger worker. The fact is, discrimination can include such situations as harassment and hostile working conditions as well as denying promotions of an older employee.
  2. A worker must be able to prove age discrimination. If a worker believes he or she is the victim of age discrimination in the workplace, these violations must have some tangible proof in order to pursue any type of recovery. This is why it is of utmost importance to seek the counsel of a competent and experienced  discrimination lawyer, whose help and expertise in these cases can be invaluable. 


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