In 2009 a decentralized internet currency was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin started to trend in 2009, and to date, it has hit the milestone of 50 lakh rupees in the market. It became an intuitive decision for youngsters to switch from Stock Market to this virtual trend. And by that person becoming more intrigued day by day. 

Cryptocurrency therapy is more than likely a hands-on introduction course. Students may learn the foundations of the market and receive valuable experience to pursue a successful career in this industry. Check what makes bitcoin unique from other altcoins to attain some decisive details about cryptocurrency trading. Many of you are unaware of this because it is a relatively new program operated by many exchanges to assist you in earning more and getting less in a short period. 

Who regulates the Crypto-market?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized asset that mining or purchasing from the miners can possess. Without mining, you will be unable to obtain new currency, and your future in the market will be uncertain.

 It necessitates using your device's hash power to decode complex mathematical equations. E-Wallets are the most critical component of a blockchain-based exchange since they contain a private key that acts as an identity card when you enter the market. 

The courses will supply you with dummy E-Wallets in which you will invest in phone currency without the fear of losing real money. Although cryptocurrencies are considered a form of money, the IRS classifies them as a financial asset or property. And, as with most other assets, the government wants a portion of the earnings if you sell or trade cryptocurrencies and make a profit. 

And that’s why it became a significant concern for the Indian government. So on December 6, 2021, the government proposed to ban Crypto as it became a primary concern for youth and the Indian financial market. And as the news came out, the market experienced a downtrend; bitcoin value stubbles from 51lakh to 35 lakh rupees, so the rest blue chip.

Is it suitable for the youth?

It doesn’t have a straight answer, but it depends on the knowledge about the blockchain, the charts, and trends. If one possesses the proper knowledge, one can make a good income. However, it’s not a definite income source; the money you can generate with the help of digital currencies relies on numerous aspects.

The case, as research shows. About 95% of the trader are losing their money because of marketing impact; for example, cryptocurrency trading platforms like WazirX, CoinDcX, etc., put a lot of money on advertising it as an easy task targeting them, and results seem to be in their favour.

Government's Initiative

Instead of banning the currency, the government should ban or regulate the advertisement as the platform providers honey trapping the youth by giving 50/100 rupees worth of Bitcoins or other Blue Chip. Also, the government can invest their money as they do in The Stock market. So, it could be beneficial for them.

Cryptocurrency regulations!

Digital currency regulations will undeniably play a significant role in demonstrating the spot value of these virtual coins. In India earlier, there were rumours of banning digital currencies as the national bank is still highly concerned about the misuse of these coins. But with citizens of India getting more and more attracted to this financial system, the government is not considering an outright ban on any of the cryptocurrencies except privacy-focused digital coins. 

Why is RBI delaying the bill?

Many government authorities announced the tabling of this bill in the 2021 winter session of parliament. But analysts only acquired a glimpse of this regulatory bill. As per the reports, the authorities are redefining the virtual currency bill to make a better use case. 

Undeniably bill is going to cease all privacy-focused digital coins like Monero. India is not the mere country to impose such harsh regulations on privacy-focused cryptocurrencies; developed countries like the US have also imposed strict regulations on privacy-focused digital coins. The national bank of this company is continuously defining the vulnerability of digital coins in terms of volatility.

The above-listed portion describes complete information regarding the increasing interest of Indian youth in digital coins.