CBD Bath bombs have been an essential part of self-care from ancient times. Bath gives us relaxation and energy, but the bath bombs take the peace to a whole new level. These bombs are also used in aromatherapy. Before you view details of our CBD Bath Bomb, let us discuss the benefits of ingredients infused in bath bombs.

What is CBD Bath Bomb?

If you are unclear or new to a bath bomb, let us simplify it for you to understand. CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant. It does not contain any chemical harmful to your body. It’s a body relaxing, spa bath therapy. 

Benefits of the Ingredients of Bath Bomb

When you include a bath bomb in your bathtub, it will increase and boost the overall benefits of taking a bath. This product is a mixture of different ingredients which are highly beneficial for your skin. These ingredients also give you mind relaxation with their aromas. 

Baking Soda

At the top of the list is dry ingredient baking soda. Who does not know the benefits of this ingredient? 

Soda will soften and smoothen your skin. After the first bath with the bath bomb, you will feel extraordinary soft skin. Baking soda has the property to clean your skin layers thoroughly. You will feel the tenderness of your skin. 

Your skin irritations will disappear with the use of baking soda in your bathtub. Baking soda has the power to release stress and calm down your nervous system. 

Arrange yourself a baking soda bath after the whole day of work to strain the stress and toxins.

Citric Acid

The number two ingredient is what your skin loves the most. It exfoliates your skin because of its alpha hydrating properties. Your bath bomb dissolves in water because of citric acid and gives you a refreshing bath. 

Citric acid has chemical properties to remove dead skin cells. Moreover, it unclogs and cleans the pores so your skin can breathe fresh. 

This ingredient in your bath bomb also tightens up your skin and reduces wrinkles.

Citric acid is also beneficial in removing dark spots and pigmentation from your skin. It also cleans dirt coats from your skin which causes pimples.

Coconut Milk Powder 

We all know the benefits of coconut for the skin. It keeps the skin nourished and hydrated. 

Coconut milk powder is a pack full of nutrients. Essential nutrients for your skin like vitamins C, E, and B are also present in coconut milk powder.  

Powdered coconut milk adds creaminess to the bath bomb and soothes your skin. It also creates bubbles in your bathtub without using any chemicals. Coconut milk also helps you to moisturize and nourish your skin.

Taking a bath with a bath bomb packed with such unique ingredients should have a must in your daily routine. 

Pure CBD isolate

Here comes the main ingredient of our bath bomb, the CBD isolate. The CBD isolate gives you benefits in many ways. 

Studies have shown that CBD alone can give you mind relaxing benefits. It releases depression, stress, and anxiety from your mind. 

The use of CBD in your bathtub is an excellent way to relieve pain. The cannabinoid has the properties to release the causes of pain from your body. 

CBD has the property of neuron protection. It helps to relax the signal system of your brain. You can say it is a magic ingredient to treat a neurological disorder.  

Essential Oils

We are discussing the bath bomb ingredients, then how can we forget to talk about the essential oils. 

Bath bombs relaxes your body and releases stress with the help of the essential oils. All the beauty and self-care products use essential oils to add aroma.

This ingredient also treats the fungal infection and helps your skin remain nourished full day. 

Essential oils add a pleasant smell to products. They help you to reduce stress and tension after the whole day of work.

These essential oils help you to get a sound sleep after a bath packed with a bath bomb. 


Before you find here about our CBD bath bomb, you should look at the ingredients and their benefits. Bath bombs help you release stress and give you a spa experience at your home.