Mobile everything becomes our everyday reality; more services are available on mobile devices via official applications, more businesses make their sites mobile-compatible, and almost every industry registers increased traffic from mobile devices compared to access from PCs. This is only reasonable since smartphones are always at hand, and are more handy to get quick access to information or service.

Mobile casinos are not an exception; being non compatible with mobile devices is almost an immediate ticket out of the niche for a gambling website. However, gamblers are still very cautious about using mobile casinos, because these casinos seem less safe and protected compared to full-fledged websites. However, the real insights into mobile casino gambling are provided by CasinosHunter, an online casino reviewing platform. Those interested in mobile gambling, especially in Canada, can take advantage of the up-to-date info on mobile casinos and apps, on the CasinosHunter platform.

Current Online Gambling Trends

If you would like to play favourite casino games for fun at a safe site that won’t steal your sensitive data, or even play with profit for real money, being aware of the current online gambling trends is important. CasinoHunter is a place to go to find out about the trends, legislation, nuances, and even learn some gambling theory. Also, CasinosHunter helps gamblers find the most reliable and secure casino sites, both for desktop and mobile.

It is better to avoid online casinos for mobile gambling that ignore current trends, especially in terms of technologies, payments, data protection, or even user experience. The current trends in online gambling constantly move towards mobile gambling (because it has many advantages compared to desktop responsive sites only), intuitive navigation around the site, improved protection technologies, and faster payments.

Casino sites opened recently just cannot ignore these trends, but there are some very old casino sites that have been around since the dawn of the Internet, and they still can get away with outdated technologies and clumsy 2000s-style design. As a result, the casino itself can be trusted, tested, protected, and reliable, but totally unusable when it comes to mobile devices. This is why both reliability as such plus mobile compatibility are so important today for online casinos to provide better user experience.

Are Mobile Casinos Worth It?

Some gamblers may ask whether mobile casinos are even worth it, and whether there are any specific benefits provided by mobile casinos.
Well, the answer is yes, there are several benefits that can totally change the user experience when the casino is played on a smartphone or tablet. This is especially true for casinos that have official mobile applications for iPhone and Android. These include:

- faster loading - mobile versions of websites, let alone mobile applications, are lighter in terms of loading and therefore load really quickly. All non-crucial elements are removed or modified for mobile casinos
- sleek design - less fluff and only the most necessary pages are provided in mobile apps
- glitches and bugs are fixed quickly - if anything breaks, mobile apps are easier and faster to fix
- shorter navigation paths - in contrast to websites, the users cannot click around very long in mobile application, because they download it for playing; all the exploration should already be done on desktop or after checking out the recommended casinos at CasinoHunter
- fewer text pages - websites often have many text pages created for SEO, and these may get really nasty to bump into every second click. Mobile apps do not have text pages for SEO
- exclusive games - some casinos offer exclusive games available only from smartphone or tablet, to stimulate the gamblers to play from these devices rather than on desktop
- additional bonuses - some casinos offer additional bonuses for mobile users, to stimulate them to use mobile app or version of the site more often

And eventually, the most important benefit of mobile casinos and apps is that the gambler is not chained to their desk. They can gamble on the go or when commuting, and they can also gamble at home, but resting on the sofa or having a bath.

How to Choose The Best Mobile Casino?

The benefits of mobile casinos are now clear, but not each and every online casino compatible with mobile devices is actually trustworthy enough for real money betting. If you want to really dive into the nuances and insights about online gambling in general, and mobile casinos in particular, check out guidelines by CasinosHunter in the first place. However, here we give a quick checklist on choosing a safe and reliable online casino:

- license - every casino must be licensed, either by a local agency or an international one, and provide clear info on the owner/operator
- security - every casino should be encrypted with the help of SSL protocol, be provably fair, and preferably have additional certificates or seals of trust by independent parties
- payments - the more banking options for deposits and withdrawals are offered, the better
- games - the bigger is the games library, the better. At the time of writing, mobile casinos should offer at least 500+ games overall
- bonuses - check out bonus rules carefully. Some bonuses have unfavourable limitations, or huge wagering requirements, or uncashable winnings, or a short period of beling valid. If the bonus does not seem that attractive, feel free to proceed without it
- T&C - these list all rules applied to your finance, personal data, and gambling. Make sure you are aware of all conditions before registering an account and risk your money.

Hopefully these rules will help you make your betting entertainment more profitable. Check out CasinosHunter lists of recommended sites for more.