CBD products have become some of the most sought-after and talked-about natural health products on the market. An increased focus on research and a better understanding of the benefits of CBD has led to a growing number of people looking to try CBD out for themselves.

One of the most common reasons for choosing to use CBD supplements is their naturally calming properties. Several studies support the idea that CBD can be used as an effective way to reduce stress and feel a greater sense of calm.

The CBD industry has quickly noticed the growing trend in people using CBD as a sleep aid. Many popular CBD brands now offer CBD products carefully designed with sleep and relaxation in mind. 

Here are some of the best CBD for sleep products that are sure to help tackle even the most frustrating of sleep problems.

#1 Premium Jane - CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are an extremely excellent way to consume CBD just before heading to bed as they double as a sweet treat that satisfies late-night feelings of hunger. Premium Jane’s range of CBD gummies is packed with natural ingredients chosen for their calming properties along with their premium CBD extracts.

Premium Jane uses a blend of sunflower oil, corn syrup, and pectin to create the base of their CBD gummies. This formula ensures that all of their gummies are suitable for vegans and only contain natural ingredients. Full lab testing is also used to check for consistently high quality and potency.

Premium Jane has four delicious flavor options to choose from, helping to make CBD feel more like a fun evening treat than a sleep supplement. All of Premium Jane’s gummies use natural flavorings, providing a delicious flavor without the need for artificial enhancers. Options include strawberry, lime, and mango berry.

#2 PureKana - CBD Oil

PureKana is known for its extensive range of high-quality CBD oils. Most commonly used as a dietary supplement, PureKana oils are also excellent as a natural sleep aid. One feature that helps PureKana stand out from many other CBD brands is how many different options they have available.

There are numerous flavor profiles and strength options available which means that everyone can easily create a CBD routine that works for them. Adjusting the amount of CBD being consumed with such ease is important for ensuring a successful night’s sleep. 

All Purekana CBD oil tinctures are made using the same base formula. The high-quality hemp oil extract is combined with terpenes and MCT oil, creating an all-natural vegan CBD oil. 100% natural flavorings are then added to PureKana’s flavored oils to enhance the user experience and provide a delicious burst of flavor.

#3 Joy Organics - Premium CBD Oil

Joy Organics’ premium CBD oils are designed with sleep and relaxation at their core. Using broad-spectrum CBD, Joy Organics can provide oil that contains a rich blend of relaxing cannabinoids.

The calming effects of Joy Organics’s premium CBD oils also make them ideal for treating stress and anxiety-related conditions. Stress and anxiety have long been linked to poor sleep quality, and with Joy Organics, it is easy to deal with the root cause helping to reduce insomnia in the long term.

#4 CBD Essence - Oil Tinctures

CBD Essence uses a unique extraction method to obtain high-grade rich hemp extract, which contains a blend of CBD and other key phytochemicals found within hemp plants. This process makes CBD Essence’s oil tinctures ideal for anyone searching for an all-natural product that provides consistent effects and relief.

To ensure the perfect night’s sleep, CBD Essence offers their popular oil in several strength options giving the consumer the ability to tailor their CBD intake to suit their needs. This flexibility is essential as it means their products can be catered towards new and seasoned CBD users.

#5 PureKana - Sleep Aid CBD Gummies (Berry)

PureKana’s sleep aid CBD gummies have been designed to provide the perfect quick and simple sleep solution. Each gummy contains a balanced combination of CBD, CBN, and melatonin. This provides all of the beneficial effects of CBD along with the additional sedative effects of melatonin.

PureKana’s sleep gummies are quick and easy to use for any experience level and can be enjoyed just like regular gummies shortly before heading to bed. As with all of PureKana’s other edibles, their sleep gummies are made using 100% vegan-friendly ingredients and natural flavorings and colorings.