Do you want to connect with your ancestors in a fun way? No. it is not about the spiritual or physical connection. Rather it is doing what they did many centuries ago. Backgammon is the perfect way to do it. This game – invented more than 5000 years ago – involves the rolling of dice. The aspect has never changed since that time in history. So, you will play it the way your ancestors played. 

However, your experience and enjoyment depend on having the right backgammon set. Modern sets are emulating new designs and features giving them a classy look.  Are you looking for a backgammon set or a perfect gift for people who love this game? Here are the 7 best backgammon sets to consider in 2021:  

Travel Size Classic Backgammon Set

As a backgammon player, your desire is to play on the go. For this to happen, you must have your backgammon set by your side. If you are searching for a portable set, Travel Size Classic is a good idea. 

This set comes with a unique design from the finest and high-quality material. It has a travel size making it easy to carry around. So, you do not miss your game when on a hike, beach, or resting in your room.

GrowUpSmart Classic 14 Backgammon Set

The sweetness of a game is the feeling it instills in a player. In backgammon, the experience relies on the classical feel. This idea is the one behind the GrowUpSmart backgammon set. The set has a unique classical design that connects you with your ancestors. 

Made from premium material this backgammon board is sturdy and durable. It is foldable which enhances portability. As such, you do not have to get a new carrier bag to travel with your set. It fits well on your backpack.   

Zaza & Sacci Backgammon Set

Are you looking for a classy set? Zaza & Sacci Backgammon is the perfect deal. This set combines class and luxury. It has multi-colored boards that make it outstanding. Also, it is a product of high-rated materials. You will not only enjoy your game but also earn value for your money.

Sondergut Foldable Backgammon Set

Portability can be an issue for nomadic backgammon lovers. You want a set that you can carry around while outdoor. Sondergut had you in their mind when designing their backgammon set. The brand prioritized portability by making its set foldable. This means that it will occupy a small space in your bag. 

Middleton Games Backgammon Set 

Want to enjoy a great gaming experience? Getting yourself a Middleton Games backgammon set is the guarantee of this experience. The set features a large and extensive board. You do not have to struggle to move the pieces on it. Being a product of faux leather, it is durable and has a smooth appearance.

Yellow Mountain Imports Backgammon Set 

This sophisticated and seamless backgammon set offers an amazing experience. It features a whole sensation thanks to its smooth and fine crafted board. Its timeless suitcase makes it a portable accessory that gives you’re a gameplay moment on the go. 

Woodronic 15 in Wood Backgammon Set

If you are a lover of the small-sized board, Woodronic is a nice idea. This backgammon set features hand-cut points. It is a product of high-quality wood that makes it durable and sturdy. Also, it comes with a hinged and magnetized lid ensuring all the pieces stay in place. So, if you are looking for a backgammon set that offers an exceptional moment, consider Woodronic as your first choice. 

Wrapping up

Certainly, your experience at backgammon will depend on having the right accessories set. Not all sets in the market will offer you the desired experience. The above list features some of the best backgammon sets in 2021. So, you can now find your best board.