You've come to the correct spot if you're searching for some inspiration when it comes to taking on today's racing bets and making that crucial bet slip filling decision. Betting on horses EW is always a popular choice. While it is critical to keep your eyes and ears open in the bookies and pub to pick up on tips from friends, numbers always offer dependable information. We'll take a look at the six most essential statistics to search for when horse betting.

Stat #1: Sprint speed

A horse's maximum sprint speed is a statistic that should not be overlooked. 55mph was the greatest sprint speed recorded by a horse. Knowing how fast a horse can go will give you an idea of how it will perform in a race and what it will be able to accomplish in the crucial final stages.

Stat #2: Trainer form

Taking a look at a trainer's form in recent years is an excellent predictor of how well a horse in their care will perform at a certain meet. Keep an eye out for trainers whose horse is on a poor run.

Stat #3: Wins at the distance

When assessing prior successes and forms, there are several variables to consider. One of the most crucial is how many times a horse has won at the distance it will compete in. Some horses excel over specific distances, while others are superior all-around. Take a look at the horse's past performances to see what the statistics reveal about its success and whether it is likely to repeat that success in the race you're going after.

Stat #4: Horse age

It's worth noting the age of a horse when considering whether to place a wager. This will let you know if it is at its peak performance level. Take a look at the average age of the horses your chosen horse will be racing against to see whether it has what it takes to come out on top or fall behind a younger field.

Stat #5: Wins at the track

It's also worth noting how many wins a horse has at a particular track, as well as looking at the number of victories it has achieved over a specific length. If a horse has won many races on a certain course, it may well be that it prefers the turns or layout and will continue to perform at its best on a track where it is familiar and comfortable.

Stat #6: Jockey win percentage

You don't just want to number crunch the horse; you also need to know something about the jockey. Examine overall and recent win percentage in order to get an indication of the horse's form, as well as a sense of how consistent he has been recently.