In the world of digital cryptocurrencies bitcoin is the most powerful and expensive currency. If you are a new person and want to invest in bitcoin and are scared of the bitcoin investment risk, then this article is for you. Yes you have the right thoughts, the Bitcoin Era review is the risky platform for the investment, but only for the people that have much knowledge about bitcoin. For example the basic information and bitcoin fluctuation.

Before investing in bitcoin the investor should be familiar with the market value of the bitcoin. The bitcoin value is never consistent, it is changing every second. In order to know the price of the bitcoin you can surf on the internet or you can watch videos of the professional and expert investors. Or you can subscribe to the blogs where you can get the update of the cryptocurrencies.

If you succeed in getting the right guess of the price volatility, then with the passage of the time you will earn more and more. With the fluctuation of learning you will be able to take less risks. In this article I will tell you about the 4 things about bitcoin that you will never find anywhere else.

1. Bitcoin is Somehow Not Anonymous

We heard bitcoin is the anonymous cryptocurrency. Actually, this is wrong. Bitcoin is not fully anonymous and protected. There is still some risk since we have to protect our bitcoin. We know all transactions of bitcoin are kept in the public ledger called blockchain technology. So anyone can watch the transaction through that ledger. Like transaction ID and how much bitcoin has been transacted.

Bitcoin is anonymous in this the identity behind the bitcoin transaction can never be revealed, even it is also not stored in the blockchain technology. All transactions done on the bitcoin address. Every Time there will be a new bitcoin address for the new transaction. So this is why your transaction information is save.

2. Bitcoin Market is Fluctuate

We know very well about the fluctuation of the bitcoin market. Every minute value of the bitcoin changed and no once can guess it. The market value of the bitcoin is unpredictable, and its value is getting high from last few months. If you think to invest in bitcoin then you should keep one thing in mind: the price of bitcoin can never be judged as well. You have to invest without knowing the future of bitcoin.

This is why investors always need to be up to date with the value of bitcoin. If investors want to make good profit without facing any loss then this is the only way. You can trade every minute and earn handsome profit.

3. Sometimes Transactions Not Successful

This is actually a big drawback of bitcoin that I believe you should know. It is true the bitcoin transactions are very fast and secure. No one could hack the transactions. If we have good internet connection then the transaction could take a few minutes to complete. Usually the transactions can be done in seconds and hardly in minutes.

What about if you are making the transactions and suddenly you lost the internet in processing. When you will revive your internet connection there are chances you could lose your amount in the processing. Then in this situation what can you do? Of course you can do nothing. There is no management on the bitcoin transaction, who could handle our problems. You can’t claim to anyone. If you lose your bitcoin you never revive it. So make sure you have a good internet connection.

4. Digital Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallet is the only place where you can keep your bitcoin safely. Usually people keep the bitcoin in the wallets except they could trust on the exchanges. But you know there are two main types of the bitcoin wallet. The first one is a hot wallet that is usually provided by the exchanger and it is safer than other digital wallets. Bitcoin wallets should be secure, offer a number of security services and are reliable. The versions of the wallet should be available for the mobile, desktop and web. So you could operate your bitcoin transactions anytime.


The points mentioned above are really essential for the new investor to know before investing in bitcoin. This information will help you to invest in bitcoin with a clear mind. Remember there is risk everywhere, so you have to be sure with everything before taking steps in bitcoin investment.