When you have important documents that need to be sent to someone else for signing or submitting it is imperative that they are sent in a secure and safe way so that you can ensure they arrive safely at their destination in a timely manner. Therefore, you need to choose the right service for the job and there are several options available to you so that you will be able to choose the most suitable option depending on your needs.

When you have physical documentation that needs to be sent off elsewhere a service that can provide proof of postage and of receipt at the other end is a terrific way to go. Posting using Track and Confirm can provide you with a cost-effective option for sending documents both domestic and corporate, with the convenient tracking number allowing you to provide proof that the item has been sent on its way while allowing you to confirm that it has arrived at its destination. An important feature when a dispute over missing paperwork could cost money or cause delays. 

Another excellent option for sending physical documents, especially ones that are particularly time sensitive or where there is a large volume to be sent, is to employ a courier service such as reliablecouriers.com who can provide a more flexible collection and delivery service than the postal service can. If you find yourself needing to send important business documents to another office on the same day for example, then a courier can collect from your location and rush them to where they need to be. Should you need documents brought to where you are then you can also arrange with a courier for them to be collected and delivered to you which will save the hassle of waiting on the party at the other end getting around to having them sent.

Not all documents need to be physically sent and when this is the case an electronic means of delivery is exactly what you want for near instantaneous delivery. Which method you choose depends on what platform matches up between the parties involved and the size of the files to be shared. Where the file size is not especially large attaching it to an email sent from a secure email address will take care of the job quickly and simply letting you be assured that the required documentation is there ready to be read as soon as the email is received and opened. 

For bigger files there are a wealth of secure file sharing platforms such as Dropbox that allow you to upload your documents as an electronic file to a secure third-party site that can then, with the correct access information, be shared with whomever you would like to have access to particular files. Platforms like this are an excellent option when you have sensitive files such as important business contracts or photos as you have full control over who has access to the documents as there are no additional steps in the chain of who handles them.