Many students don’t want to waste precious time on something that “gives no practical application” they say. According to 2020 statistics, over 27% of students used online academic services to write or edit their homework at least once a year.  Being in this stitch load of times, they start looking for a way to lighten this academic burden. Due to the Coronavirus-19 lockdowns, 2020 and 2021 were precious years for such custom writing companies.

Those platforms “save” thousands of students from being expelled. Nevertheless, according to Reddit-talks, and students’ interviews a really good writing company isn’t that common. We decided to gather the top 3 term paper writing services whose workers get the highest marks.

  1. PaperHelp
  2. EssayPro
  3. JustDoMyEssay

#1 — PaperHelp

You’ve probably heard of it already. It’s the most frequently mentioned service in Quora and Reddit discussion. “If you’re scanning the web for a writing company whose services you want to use once, this is the best choice. This way you will definitely have good experience with writing companies. And if later you decide to ask them for help again, you’ll know who to turn to with outright credence” - said Nathon, an academic writer from PaperHelp.

No matter what your teacher chose to torment you with, the paper writers of this platform will manage that, because its writers’ community is over 5000 experts. High-complexity urgent assignments for them are like breakfast now. If you have any doubts regarding the quality, you may easily check essay examples from the site or post an inquiry to make sure there’s a writer for your assignment. There you can find tons of samples. 

Sure thing, there is no way for plagiarism. That’s the standard for almost all term paper writing services. Moreover, clients get special reports about plagiarism in the text. And you can see the whole process.

Overall, this platform is transparent. You can see all the writers, find a ton of positive testimonials. But it’s always better to see on your own than read about it.

Basically, what you get is:

→ first-class quality papers;

→ accurate reports on plagiarism;

→ “tidy” paper(s) with perfect academic design;

→ reasonable payment, no overpricing;

→ constantly available support system;

→ opportunity to get any paper urgently.

#2 — EssayPro

This term paper writing service is the most budget amidst its “brothers”. As the previous enterprise, this writing company copes with any type of term paper or essay. Custom papers from writers of this platform are no worse. Again, you can get a paper on any subject, whether it’s art, IT, or medicine.

If you need help with what you’ve written yourself, they’ll be there for you. Such companies offer proofreading and editing as well.

No need to burn over deadlines because custom term paper writers know the significance of time. Usually, students get their products earlier than anticipated.


Still, sometimes drawbacks happen. According to Redditors, there were some refunds due to the quality. In this case, administrators of the company do everything to satisfy their clients. You can ask for revisions and get them free until you see that the paper is a perfect fit for your goals.

What you get is:

→ 100% “clean” papers;

→ non-plagiarism proof;

→ impeccable formatting;

→ comfortable prices;

→ effortless ordering process.

#3 — JustDoMyEssay

Even though the site has got less info than the previous ones, this platform is still legit. It has proven its professionalism via direct work. This team of custom paper writers can handle any subject and topic.

This resource will be the best choice if you need coursework, for instance. Asking for small assignments systematically may not be that profitable, considering that this resource is more expensive. But if you need coursework or another vast assignment is done, then this is the best option. Not only will the writers write your paper from scratch! Their obligation is to make it exemplary even for your teacher.

There are a lot of stages of work, so it’s better to order in advance. Still, even if you need something in 3 hours (literally), the workers of this writing company will do their magic.

You’ll get:

→ work of top custom writers;

→ flawless papers;

→ an opportunity to get your product in 3 hours;

→ strict adherence to your instructions;

→ obligatory plagiarism report

→ perfect timing.

Thinking Over Significant Questions — FAQ

Before you jump to choices, it’s always good to gather additional information. As a means to help you with that, we’ll go over some important points.

Should I Ask for Help from Term Paper Writers?

If you have the desire to get help, then why not? These companies’ orientation is to help students. Especially when you have a job or extra classes, it’s too burdensome to be 100% productive in every matter.

Moreover, youth is not eternal. When you just want to cherish your precious young time, it’s okay to hire someone to do homework for you. And custom writing services exist so you can attend to things that really matter to you.

Does Law Allow Using Paper Writing Services?

There is no legal prohibition for using these platforms. And every writing service posts documents with terms and conditions.

If you take a look at one, you’ll see that these services work to give students academic help with term paper. Thus, students take these papers as references or extra sources of information. Even including a part of it is okay because one has to refer to something in any term paper.

Yet, educational institutions forbid such things. Of course, this is a question of morals and ethics, not jurisdiction. Still, there is no student who deliberately wants problems at the college or even expulsion.

Using papers from custom dissertation writing services as illustrations to create an impeccable paper is more than okay. However, students often say that this is what they’ve created without assistance. Technically, they have a right to do that because any custom paper writer agrees to never claim authorship.

What Are Perils of Employing a Custom Paper Writer?

The most dangerous occurrence possible is hiring a fake author. The Internet is full of scammers. They would take your money and not create your product. Or they would give you a piece of garbage compiled of other works or info from Wikipedia. Understandable that in this case, you would need to redo the paper yourself after losing cash.

Some “writing companies” create products of good and even great quality for small amounts of cash. Yet, don’t get your hopes up if you’ve found an essay writer who agrees to work for 5$. They might give you the best term paper you’ve ever seen but then they might threaten you by exposing that you’ve made an order. This way they will make much more money than the legit writing services for really good and honest work.

Another bad thing that might occur is reselling the work. Sometimes counterfeit writing services just give someone’s paper to other customers. And then one of the clients or even both end up accused of plagiarism.

How Do I Find Legit Custom Writing Services?

You should pay attention to testimonials and the transparency of any writing service. Find as much info as you can. Contact clients directly. Don’t skip policies. Try ordering a small assignment just to test. Being extra careful never hurts anyone!

The ones on this list have already proven trustworthiness and solidity. As we said, they won’t let you high and dry. And there are thousands of students who can second that.