In today's time, there are unlimited options available in the body armor market, which may overwhelm you. The internet is filled with information regarding body armors which may be difficult to process, and it may take you months to complete your research.

We need your homework for you in order to save the time you would otherwise spend on researching by narrowing down the three most important factors that should be given significant thought before making the final decision. The three main factors include the type and level of threat you are expected to encounter, the weight of the body armor, and its cost.

Type and level of threat

Type and level of threat refer to how severe of an attack do you expect to encounter. There are different types of threats, including ballistic attacks and stab attacks. Every single protection equipment that is manufactured undergoes a series of tests conducted by the National Institute of Justice. Then on the basis of the results of these tests, it is determined which type and level of threat are the body armor capable of withstanding.

The NIJ rating refers to the level of protection a body armor can provide. The level of threats ranges from II to IV. The numbers, to some extent, indicate the armor's capability of withstanding a ballistic attack; however, the NIJ rating is more complex than simply level IV being better than level II.

The armor undergoes many different tests. Bullets are fired at the vests to see how much they can tolerate, after which they are certified—certified Means Safe: Testing Matters MORE Than You Think. Remember to check the body armor level and its NIJ rating before purchasing it.


The highest level of protection comes at the cost of weight and bulkiness, which is not good because it is difficult to manage heavy body armor and to move around with it. Some plates can be way more than 15 pounds which makes it nearly impractical to carry it around daily and maybe the first item you would remove from your backpack in order to lessen the weight. Search for body armors that provide a good degree of protection with minimum weight.


The quality and level of body armor you invest in with protecting you and save your life. The amount of money you invest into your body armor will determine if you will be able to retaliate in a threat zone after you have been hit. The quality of the vest determines whether you will receive a few bruises or a few broken bones. So choose wisely and invest accordingly. There should be no holding back in order to secure your life.

In a nutshell

During your decision, you will need to balance your weight and cost. If you need to wear your armor for long periods of time, then lightweight armor is very important. This is why you should establish your requirements and needs before purchasing. You should establish the type of threat and level of threat you are expected to encounter. Do you expect to encounter rifle rounds or pistol rounds? Do you need to wear it daily? Do you need additional plates? What are your budgets? All these questions need to be answered before you visit the shop.