Do you feel as though your company’s marketing is in a slump? As digital and social channels become more widespread and advanced, it’s easy to feel as though you can’t keep up with the best marketing tactics. Read on for a list of 15 ways to reinvent your marketing, compiled by leaders of businesses. 

Create a Clear Brand Voice

Branding is everything in marketing because your audience needs to know who you are and what you stand for. If you think of the businesses you like and follow, don’t you choose to follow them because you like their brand or their message? Narrowing in on who you want your company to be will bring the right consumer base to you. 

Jeff Meeks, VP of Sales and Marketing EnergyFit

Use Social Platforms

Social media and digital platforms have completely revolutionized the way people communicate, as well as the ways they receive information and intake content. It is absolutely crucial for your business to show up on the platforms where people are exploring. Different platforms serve different purposes and deliver content uniquely, so be sure to tailor your messages in the correct marketing style for each channel. But do not hesitate to establish your brand on socials!

Seb Evans, Co-Founder Banquist

Use Email Outreach

Email outreach is a useful tool in reinventing your company’s marketing. Connecting with your customers over email is proven to be an extremely effective strategy. Be sure to create a solid system of email automations and workflows, and consider incorporating a CRM that allows for UTM and campaign tracking. 

Dylan Arthur Garber, Co-Founder Audien Hearing

Use More Visuals

Eye-catching graphics are the new wave of communication. Consumers want their content in short, unignorable visual snippets now rather than long blocks of text. Video content is an especially effective marketing strategy. If your social and digital channels are lacking graphics and video that pop out at your audience, try incorporating the new visuals in small amounts and then analyze the data to see if these posts gain more traffic. Chances are the visuals will suit your consumers, but always listen to the data. 

Lauren Kleinman, Co-Founder The Quality Edit

Follow Trends

For your business to stay relevant online and gain more traffic to your page, follow the trends and hop on the bandwagon while they’re still trending. Instagram and TikTok have particularly-defined trends, such as a topic of content or use of an audio sample, but all social platforms have their own versions of what is “trending.” Jumping in on the trends is an effective marketing tool because trends use widely-reached hashtags, bringing a larger audience to your brand, and generating a larger following. 

Omid Semino, CEO Diamond Mansion

Reach Your Target Audience

Depending on the digital platform there are different target audiences. For example, the age demographics vary between Instagram and TikTok versus Facebook versus LinkedIn. While many users will overlap, try creating content specific to each demographic and diversify it depending on the platform. Creating marketing campaigns designed to appeal to different audiences within your target consumers touches more people in meaningful ways.

Shahzil Amin, Founder Well Before

Utilize Social Listening

Social listening is a fairly new term referring to active listening on your digital platforms to what the perceptions are about your brand. While it is tempting to respond to each and every comment, especially when you don’t like the way they perceive some aspect of your brand, instead gather this information and design your content campaign against the feedback. Lean into what the consumers like and take a different direction around what is being negatively viewed. Social listening is very useful because it’s like free data from your target audience.

Olivia Young, Head of Product Design Conscious Items

Utilize Metric-Tracking Tools

Keep an eye on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy through analyzing the data. Metric-tracking tools show you information such as what hashtags receive the most traffic and where the majority of your website traffic is originating. Knowing this data allows you to use it to the best of your advantage in your marketing goals.

Chris Gadek, Head of Growth AdQuick

Use SEO to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, allows you to use tactics that improve your ranking in search engine results. It is a proven fact that most people will choose one of the top links on the first page of their online search, which means every website wants to increase their ranking in order to increase their traffic. SEO utilizes keywords and internal and external linking, along with more in-depth tactics, to increase websites’ ranking, so certainly investing in a SEO best strategy is one way to reinvent your marketing.

Riley Burke, Growth Marketing Manager Ohza Mimosas

Invest in Digital Ads

Where before billboards and television commercials reigned supreme, now the new wave of advertising it through digital ads. Most platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, have their own advertising networks. One way to improve your marketing is to invest in social ads on all channels where your business can be found and interacted with. A lot of content consumers see each day is composed of advertisements, so they are a worthy financial step.

Shaun Price, Head of Customer Acquisition MitoQ 

Connect With Other Businesses Online

The internet doesn’t have to be a lonely place, not for users nor businesses. Collaboration between brands can be an extremely effective way to reach more people. Find like-minded and similarly goal-oriented peers online and join forces in your marketing. Give-aways, promotions, and groups are all excellent options. Connecting with other businesses online also provides you with allies to support your mission and vice versa. 

Lindsay McCormick, Founder and CEO Bite

Establish a Supportive Brand

Having your brand known as supportive is a great direction to take your marketing. People choose to follow brands largely based off what the brand believes in and supports, so establish your company as one that stands up for others and does not tolerate discrimination.

Geoff Percy, CEO Simple

Create Hashtags to Spread the Word

Hashtags should not be underestimated as part of a social media marketing strategy. They bring more users to your content and then to your page. The best part is that users don’t even need to search for specific hashtags anymore because the algorithms will send them content similar to what they’ve viewed. Be sure to include a list of hashtags under your social content. 

James Sun, Founder Beautytap

Examine What Works and Doesn’t Work for Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitors often gets a bad stigma as a non-supportive action, when in reality, keeping tabs on what works and what doesn’t for other businesses is a useful marketing tactic. Both you and your close competitors are in it together, as you promote similar content, have similar missions, and target the same audience. Rather than creating an air of hostility, learn from each other. And when your competitors undergo a minor social media crisis, as all brands will at some point, support your competitors by never speaking negatively during this time, then grow from their mistakes.

Katie Kiernan, Co-Founder Nue Life

Be a Voice for Marginalized Peoples

Every person wants to find a place where they belong in a world that does not always seem inclusive--even online. Make your company be one that represents and supports everyone, but especially marginalized peoples, as they are the ones who historically have been misrepresented. Showing minority groups that they are seen, heard, and cared for, and then presenting marketing that is wholly inclusive opens up a safe space for the overlooked.

Spencer Williams, CEO West Paw